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Throwback Thursday: Watch D.C. United and the San Jose Earthquakes combine for 8 goals back in 2012

In May 2012, D.C. United and the San Jose Earthquakes were the two hottest, highest-scoring teams in MLS. Things have changed: In July 2014, both teams are built on lock-down defense, but only United is finding any joy in the standings. Here's hoping the result in this fixture changes, too.

There were two quintessential games from the first half of D.C. United's 2012 season. One was the much-discussed 4-1 win over Dallas at RFK Stadium in late March. The other came just over a month later, with United unbeaten in three matches and having lost just once in their last seven. The Black-and-Red traveled to the Southbay to face the high-flying and table-topping San Jose Earthquakes, who had won all but two of their games to that point. Everybody knew a goalfest was in store, and (unlike Argentina and Netherlands yesterday) the teams did not disappoint. We talked about this game a little bit on Filibuster this week, but I figured it would suffice for Throwback Thursday, as well.

Things we saw in this game:

  • Danny Cruz executing a head-first slide tackle and accidentally setting up a Dwayne De Rosario golazo.
  • The aforementioned DeRo blast from distance. It was 2012, and he was playing a former team -DeRo was always going to do something awesome in this game. (Thankfully 2014 De Rosario is somewhat less capable of punishing his exes.)
  • Brandon McDonald keeping Quakes attackers onside for no fewer than two goals.
  • One of the better assists DeRo's ever notched, a bending through-ball that had no business finding space between the defense and goalkeeper, but that somehow found its way to Hamdi Salihi's foot.
  • Eleven D.C. United players watching a Marvin Chavez shot hit the bar while only Stephen Lenhart did anything about the rebound.
  • A rare goal that put both fullbacks onto the scoresheet, as Andy Najar's cross found a diving Daniel Woolard at the far post.
  • Shell-shocked Joe Willis.

Things certainly have changed. Obviously, we all remember the 2013 version of D.C. United, but somehow los Capitalinos are back to their winning ways, leading the Eastern Conference and sitting tied for second in the Supporters' Shield race. San Jose, having just missed out on the playoffs last season, find themselves sitting in last place in the West. Especially surprising, after scoring 3 goals in their season opener the Quakes have found the net just 12 times in 14 MLS games and have been shut out six times.

Anyway, what sticks out in your memory from the 2012 shootout? Let us know in the comments.