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Monday Freedom Kicks: Espin-DOH!-la

In which we look back at Saturday every which way but loose, are reminded of Sergio Leone's greatness and other items.

Where it all went wrong.
Where it all went wrong.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

So I trust everyone to went to Snyder-traz managed to get out relatively unscathed and sans minimal price gouging? Good. Let's get started.

Recaps on the hum drum game with the Crewzers from (with bonus Maurer-ing on the playing conditions here) Goal.comIvesThe Washington Post and CSN Washington. The fine folks at Massive Report look at things from the Columbus side of the house.

USA vs. Nigeria: Final score 2-1, Jozy Altidore scores twice as USMNT wins third straight - Ryan Rosenblatt looks at the final game in the U.S. sendoff series and JOZY JOZY JOZY!

U.S.’s Young Players Expected to Contribute Now and Lead Later - Brian Sciaretta examines the young players of the 2014 team who will be in a more prominent position come the 2018 cycle.

ASN article: Soccer Great Eddie Lewis Ventures Into Coaching: Past U.S. player/San Jose Clash legend Eddie Lewis on his role in the U.S. program these days.

On eve of 2014 World Cup, growth of soccer fandom in the United States remains uneven - The Washington Post: But is all this soccerball talk even taking off, asks the daily news publication that hosts one of the prominent journalistic voices in the sport currently.

How to Watch the World Cup Like a True Soccer Nerd ": Mike Goodman puts up a solid look at formations and tactics from a high-level perspective for the uninitiated/unfamiliar.

BBC Sport - Qatar 2022: Fifa sponsor demands 'appropriate investigation': In future World Cup news, a possible falling of corporate dominoes in the fiasco that is Qatar, with a equally recognizable addition voicing their concerns.

Javier Zanetti's still got it, scores 30-yard rocket in legends match - In international partner/more fun news, some old-timers from Inter and Real Madrid played in a match Sunday, and Javier Zanetti did the damn thing.

The Morrison Report: Peek Behind the Curtain Edition | After the Portland Timber loss to Vancouver 4-3 last Sunday, Caleb Porter got a little testy with reporters after the game. One took him up on the offer to watch some film during the week and the resulting article (while not giving the store away) was revelatory.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA Extended Director's Cut Edition Comes to DVD 9/30 - BWWMoviesWorld: While some folks will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters with its return to theaters (as you should; as a kid who saw it in theaters it was damn fun), Sergio Leone (of the spaghetti Western/Man With No Name films) and his 1984 film "Once Upon a Time in America" comes to Blu-ray in September. The film was a pet project of Leone's, reportedly turning down an offer to direct "The Godfather" to do this film, which focused on four Jewish gangsters in New York City in the 1920s. Featuring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and James Woods among others, the film faced several different edits before being released at a 139-minute length for US audiences. A restored version came out several years ago at 229 minutes, but now Martin Scorsese's film preservation company has managed to put together a 251-minute version, which is as close to Leone's original cut as possible which screened at Cannes in 1984. It is tough to watch in places but is very much worth the time and investment given to it. The 229-minute one is out now for those who want to orient themselves.

Finally, safe travels go out to friend and BR&U staff member blazindw as he and others will be heading down to Houston later this week before flying to Brazil to support the U.S. in the World Cup. Envious that a bucket list event can be checked off with friends, so enjoy, be safe, and in case there's a trophy laying around there...

It's Monday. Failed PK attempts out, coffee and/or energy drinks and supplements in.