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Friday Freedom Kicks: USA loses but wins, and some stadium stuff

In which various Brazil things are mentioned, the stadium hearing

"Good job, eh buddy?" "Yeah, good job."
"Good job, eh buddy?" "Yeah, good job."
Laurence Griffiths

Well that was a fine soccering day, wasn't it? Let's take a look back with some linkage:

Recaps of the United States' loss to Germany (but Group G advancement) from, the SBNation mothership and ESPN FC.

South Korea vs. Belgium, 2014 World Cup: Live coverage and score updates - A quick look at the next victim opponent for the U.S. in their last Group match.

Russia 2018 and her Doomed Four-Year World Cup Plan | Futbolgrad: Speaking of Group H, a look ahead to the team of the host country's prospects. Oh, and Fabio Capello should work on his excuses a tad.

Jurgen Klinsmann's legacy still affecting Germany - ESPN FC: Looking at Klinsmann and Low. As an aside, if the "Klinsmann had young guys in 2006" argument is going to still be batted about, who are our Lahm, Schweinsteiger and the like?

With eye on national team, debate begins on D.C. United stadium package - The Washington Post: Yes, there was D.C. United news, as the first hearing for the prospective stadium was held yesterday. More on the day can be found here, and the testimony of owner Jason Levien and Ben Olsen can be found here.

Uruguay shocked by Suarez news - ESPN FC: A nice insight to Uruguay's reactions to the Luis Suarez suspension.

World Cup tourists line up to get bitten by Luis Suarez - Speaking of Suarez, this bit of humor from vacationers/fans.

Wright Thompson -- A long, strange trip to find Escobar - ESPN FC: Wright Thompson, writing about the anniversary of the death of Colombia defender Andres Escobar. Go read.

The World Cup Flopping Ranking - WSJ: I mean, I chuckled at it for a second, so why not?

So an American Soccer Fan Walks Into a Bar - The Awl: A fun look at the people talking about the tournament that may be new to the regular cast of characters.

Stoppage Time in the World Cup Underscores Soccer’s Strange Rules - Hey, speaking of n00bs...

Getting out of the "must-win" mindset is hard for U.S. soccer fans. | : Will Leitch Article: "Losing games but advancing is weird!" - Any hockey fan who watches the IIHF World Championships, or something. Not what this covers, but it's a fine read.

The USA as a soccer nation — the next generation | SportsMyriad: Beau Dure looking at the advancement of things from when he was a wee lad.

MLS players' World Cup showing worthy of praise amid much scrutiny | Your reminder that a lot of the U.S. team plays here, and that maybe they do not suck as much as they are portrayed to be (though they still occasionally suck).

MLS Playoff Chances - Sports Club Stats: Hey, D.C. United plays this weekend! Here are their playoff chances, and a look at the shot and goal types from an analytics perspective.

Watch: Tarantino's 'Kill Bill: Vol. 1 & 2' Made into 8-Bit Cinema Video | It is self-explanatory, funny and engaging. Go click it.

It's Friday, Seattle can go screw because reasons.