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World Cup 2014: Day 15 TV/streaming information and open thread

The last day of the group stage is upon us, and the rest of the games today are pretty fun too.

Jamie Squire

We know that you will be watching the USMNT take on Germany, but in case you are up for more soccer, there are three other games on today.

Ghana vs. Portugal

Kickoff time: 12:00 PM EDT

Venue: Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha, Brasilia

TV/Streaming: ESPN2, Univision, and their respective internets

Cliff's Notes: Neither of these teams are yet eliminated, and both of them will be rooting for the USA to get blown out by Germany. What USA fans should want out of this game is a draw, because it means that the USA is through to the next round regardless of what happens in our own game.

Who should I root for? A DRAW.

South Korea vs. Belgium

Kickoff time: 4:00 PM EDT

Venue: Arena de São Paulo, São Paulo

TV/Streaming: ESPN, Univision, Internets.

Cliff's Notes: South Korea need a win in this game to have any chance of making it out of their group, and they also have a goal differential problem should Algeria-Russia end in a tie. If they're stretching themselves, Belgium should make them pay.

Who should I root for? Leaning Belgium, because they are a fun team to watch.

Algeria vs. Russia

Kickoff time: 4:00 PM EDT

Venue: Arena da Baixada, Curitiba

TV/Streaming: ESPN2. Unimas. And such.

Cliff's notes: Algeria is in the driver's seat to advance, and a win in this game would guarantee that. They also have a slight chance to edge out Belgium for the top of the group, but just getting out would be a big deal for Algeria. Russia could leapfrog them with a win, though they are currently tied on points with South Korea.

Who should I root for? Algeria. They posted their first World Cup win since 1982, and they are not currently invading other countries.

If you are up for it, this is your place for all day soccer coverage.