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World Cup 2014: Day 14 TV/streaming information and open thread

Where there will (or at least SHOULD) be no late drama causing a team's advancement and at least a 18% reduction in biting.

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SB Nation's 2014 World Cup Bracket'

I have to admit I am a little vexed. Today's World Cup action does not nearly have as much potential drama as yesterday's would up having. Costa Rica won their group (CONCACAF fo lyfe), we said goodbye to Gigi Buffon and Andrea Pirlo as players for Italy, and we said whatever you wish to say at Luis Suarez after his did something that was uniquely him, likely shredding any chance Uruguay had at advancement past the round of 16. And that's before the 4:00 games happened, including a late penalty kick to see Greece Advance! Yet while the first pair of matches today is free of complication, the second pair has to give us a second team out of Group F. So let's do this.

Nigeria vs. Argentina

Kickoff time: 12:00 PM EDT

Venue: Estadio Beira Rio, Porto Alegre

TV/Streaming: ESPN, Univision/Univision Deportes and the apps and internets that come with it.

Cliff's Notes: Both teams have cinched up the playoff spots in Group F, though a Nigeria win leapfrogs them over the Argentines and facing the second place team in Group E. Considering France has Group E tightened down and playing impressively, the dropoff between first and second in Group E puts added import winning Group F.

Who should I root for? In writing up last week's thread I had completely forgotten about the attack on a watch party in Nigeria days before their game, so Super Eagles all the way because they deserve it.

Bosnia Herzegovina vs. Iran

Kickoff time: 12:00 PM EDT

Venue: Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador

TV/Streaming: ESPN2, UniMas/Galavision. Shep Messing's on ESPN radio if you want to cave your skull in.

Cliff's Notes: Between the two teams, they have mustered one goal and one point, so it is easy to see that pride would be the main thing to play for here.

Who should I root for? Leaning Bosnia, but honestly a positive result for either team considering their pasts would be nice.

Ecuador vs. France

Kickoff time: 4:00 PM EDT

Venue: Estadio do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro

TV/Streaming: ESPN. Univision/Univision Deportes and such.

Cliff's notes: France has scored the most games after two matches and despite a chance for Enner Valencia to make a claim for the pre-knockout stage Golden Boot, France gave up 2 goals in IDGaF time so they look as good as a team has at this point.

Who should I root for? Much as I'd take any reason to root against France, they have put together two impressive games so far, and I see no reason for them to ease off here. Even if they did, they have got goal differential and goals scored tiebreakers, so...flip to the other one.

Honduras vs. Switzerland

Kickoff time: 4:00 PM EDT

Venue: Arena Amazonia, Manaus

TV/Streaming: ESPN2, UniMas/Galavision. Internet.

Cliff's notes: Honduras scored their first goal in World Cup play in more than thirty years against Ecuador and lost, having yet to gain a point. Switzerland is tied with Ecuador for second and the right to get thrashed by Argentina play the Group E winner.

Who should I root for? Dude...Andy Najar. Run him out there Catrachos.

Here's your place for the action today.