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Monday Freedom Kicks: Welcome to soccer, everybody!

Post-mortems galore on the country level, a couple of club nuggets and general group therapy.

Kevin C. Cox

Well that sucked. Those of you who may be new to the sport, this is what can happen. It sucks, but playing Germany while Portugal and Ghana play simultaneously is the stuff of chewed fingernails and nausea. But before that:

Some looks at the game from us and the SB Nation mothership, along with and CSN Washington.

Jermaine Jones Comes Up With A Glorious Equalizer: The Jones-lazo set to the Univision call of it, which you should really listen to. What's that, where is the Dempsey call? Glad you asked.

The U.S. identity at the World Cup is defined by razor-thin margins | The 91st Minute | Soccer Blog | Videos | Pop-Culture: The fine folks at Top Drawer on the U.S. not making things easy or uneventful.

How Much Do The World Cup Referees Make? Also, How Much Do The Players Get Paid??? | Celebrity Net Worth: If the lack of being able to take it easy was not enough to drive a stake into the U.S. hearts, there is also the financial bonus, which will have to wait.

World Cup: All Aboard the U.S. Soccer Bandwagon - WSJ: In which the Wall Street Journal says that more people involved in watching the sport is good (spoiler: it is).

Watching the U.S.-Ghana match was like nothing else. | : Will Leitch Article: Pre-Portugal (and in the wake of thousands at watch parties yesterday), this article during the Ghana watch parties and why watching YOUR team somewhere that others share your alliances in is good.

CONCACAF nations on the rise in Brazil | Dirty Tackle - Yahoo Sports: In which #TeamCONCACAF is a good thing.

Jurgen Klinsmann’s scorn for MLS can only hurt the U.S. | For The Win: "You can’t both be responsible for the failure of the national team and then not be given credit for the success," a reminder to those who are not MLS Snobs and perhaps need to be, in fact.

This is not the Bosnia you were looking for - Lost in Bosnia's play during the tournament is their actions at home during it.

Bobby Boswell | Episode 417 | Pitch Pass: On the club circuit, D.C. United's captain shares his thoughts on being "White Pirlo" and the differences between Houston and D.C. in a very good interview (as Boswell's usually are).

Unite DC | A Stadium For All: The Unite DC site has improved their site a bit to include testimonials and is well worth exploring.

Oh, and there is this too:

Finally, a brief return to new video recommendations, as Season One of both The Bridge and Masters of Sex hit video Tuesday. While the latter might be titillating because boobies or something, it is fascinating to look at the various angles of relationships in and out of the lab. Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan are worth the price. The former is a nice character drama with Diane Kruger (of "Inglorious Basterds" lore) and Demian Bichir (of "Weeds" and "A Better Life" fame). The latter seems to be a slightly updated yet effective take on the John Sayles film "Lone Star" which in and of itself is worth the exploration.

It's Monday. How many hours until the third matchday?