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Monday Freedom Kicks: Forking the Sporks

We bring you a look back at the win as well as a brief look at yesterday's U.S. game, and all the Roger Sterling you can devour in today's Kicks.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Apologies for the slight delay in today's Kicks, as the writer both closed out RFK Saturday night and opened it Sunday morning as part of the mass convoy of buses the American Outlaws of D.C., Baltimore and other chapters in the area rode to see the U.S. play Turkey yesterday. Additionally he switched to Sanka so, have a heart. With that, on with the links.

Recaps of the streak-busting win against Sporting Kansas City from usMLSWashington PostCSN WashingtonUnitedManiaDistrict Sports PageIves and On the other side of things, our friends at The Blue Testament go over the post-mortem for their side of things. And on a related note, nice to see Fabi get a bit of love from The World Wide Leader. Thanks Kyle!

D.C. soccer stadium deal will be heavy lift for Vincent Gray’s last months as mayor - The Washington Post: The money quote from this: "Even Gray expressed only halting optimism that the deal will be done before he leaves office Jan. 2. "It’s hard to be confident about anything at this stage," he said. Gulp.

Down a level, Richmond took four out of six points over the weekend in a scoreless draw with Rochester and defeated Harrisburg on a late Kyle Porter goal (Jared Jeffrey also scored for the Kickers). Richmond is now third, a point behind LA Galaxy II. Recaps of the Rochester draw and win over Harrisburg are for your clickgrapes.

Why Joe Beninati is now part of D.C. United broadcasts on Comcast SportsNet: Dan Steinberg tells us more about the play by play voice of the Washington Capitals appearing on the pre and post-game shows on CSN.

USA vs. Turkey: Final score 2-1, USMNT wins second straight Send-Off Series friendly - Speaking of the earlier mentioned U.S. game, the SB Nation mothership recounts yesterday's latest game before Brazil. And speaking of Brazil, have you filled out a World Cup Bracket yet? No? It's free, don't cost nothing.

On Soccer, Fandom, and Authenticity - Hot Time In Old Town: The fine folks at the Chicago Fire SB Nation blog vent their spleens a bit on "true fandom" and what that may entail.

The Complete Quips of Mad Men’s Roger Sterling -- Vulture: Sure, Mad Men is slowly wrapping up their seven year run, but often times Roger Sterling's one-liners have been exceptional, and here is a spot where they all are.

As always, this is the place to talk about what you wish to talk about.