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Freedom Kicks for 8 May 2014: Nerazzurri like us

Lots of games, short on news, and a question of the day for book lovers.

Claudio Villa

With the biggest (non-) news already covered in a separate post, yesterday seemed heavy on games but light on actual soccer news. I've been re-reading some of my favorite books recently, which leads me to my question of the day: what is your favorite soccer book or books? Here now, your Freedom Kicks.

Play of the Week: POR vs. DC: Once again, the Professional Referees Organization uses a D.C. United game for their Play of the Week, this time talking about Ricardo Salazar's correct call to overturn his penalty after consulting with his linesman.

NBC Sports assigns channels for Premier League finales Sunday: Goff has all of your information for the Premier League final weekend, which is now devoid of most of its drama. However, more important is that four of the top eight markets for viewership are in the widest definition of the DMV: Washington, Baltimore, Richmond, and Norfolk.

Armchair Analyst: For the USMNT, a lost generation – or just underappreciated? | Most of these players I wouldn't have ever wanted integrated into the USMNT setup.

Serie A Inter, il futuro di Mazzarri legato all'Europa League: Italian media looks to Thohir's decision not to Ben Olsen last year as evidence that he is unlikely to fire Walter Mazzarri after his poor season with Inter Milan.

Sunderland 2-0 West Bromwich Albion | Premier League match report | Football | The Guardian: Now, can we at least get Jozy Altidore out of there?

US Open Cup Thread: Round 1 : Reddit: The US Open Cup started last night, and Reddit has all of the results covered for you.

The Canadian Championship also started yesterday, if that is more of your thing.

And finally, there were three MLS games last night too.

As always, this is your place for all of the day's soccer talk.