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Monday Freedom Kicks: Cut Down to Size

Recaps of the weekend for D.C. United and elsewhere in the soccer world.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

As D.C. United return home from their 3-2 loss to Portland, we've got you covered from all vantage points on this and other happenings.

Recaps on the loss from usD.C. United, MLSCSN Washington (welcome back to TV, by the way), District Sports PageUnitedMania, Ives and On the flip side, the folks at Stumptown Footy cover things from the Green and Gold side.

RICHMOND 1, ROCHESTER 1 - Richmond Kickers: Down a level, George Davis scored a goal in the 90th minute to level with the Rhinos. They are also tied for fourth with Rochester behind Orlando City, LA Galaxy II and Sacramento Republic FC but hold a game in hand over the last two clubs.

The Mixtape: D.C. United at Cardozo High School - The Washington Post: Clinton Yates with some nice video from Ben Olsen and Bill Hamid at the team's recent open practice.

Arsenal’s Zelalem nearing U.S. eligibility: Former Olney resident and current Arsenal player Gedion Zelalem may be a U.S. citizen within the next several days per Goff and if so, would be another nice get for Jurgen Klinsmann for 2018.

Seattle Sounders fire academy director Darren Sawatzky — Soccer Wire: A surprise from the PNW as the Sounders dismiss their Academy Director, who will continue to coach the U-23 team. I mean, if D.C. wanted to make the guy happy...

Major League Soccer's Money Problems : The New Yorker: In related Academy insight, the Pay to Play nature of American youth soccer.

30 for 30 and the North American soccer fan: An interesting look at how ESPN's film series may be serving as an educational tool of sorts for newer footy folk.

Tempo-Free Soccer: MLS Tempo Free Table (2014): Looking at D.C.'s performance (before Saturday) from another analytics perspective.

The world’s most popular sport is terrible at statistics - Quartz: Then again, we're only scratching the surface on who can gather and extrapolate what.

Fiorentina vs. Napoli, 2014 Coppa Italia final: Azzurri win for the fifth time - In Serie A action, Napoli defeated Fiorentina despite pre match violence which resulted in a fatality, and in strategic partner news, Inter was downed in the Milan derby, though Inter icon Javier Zanetti is calling it quits after a storied career. But Juve says screw you guys.

Cristiano Ronaldo does his best Zlatan impression with absurd goal - All three title contenders for La Liga stumbled over the weekend, but Ronaldo gave us this at least.

Reading thought Garath McCleary's stunner sent them to the playoffs. It didn't. - The ecstasy and the agony when it comes to promotion in the English Leagues. And on the flip side, this.

Union Ultras News Ultra’s Biggest Disappointment :Ultras News: You may laugh and make a joke about oxymorons and Chivas supporters, but there is something to be said for traveling to support your club and the recognition (or lack thereof) from said club.

Before He Died At 48, 'Silicon Valley' Star Christopher Evan Welch Gave Us The Perfect Embodiment Of Tech-World Hubris - Business Insider: The New York actor who appeared in Mike Judge's superb new comedy on HBO died during the production and his last episode was last night, but this is a superb look at a stage character who was coming into his own in movies (appearing in The Master and Synecdoche, New York among others) before cancer took his life in December.

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