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Friday Freedom Kicks for 30 May 2014: Sporting BBQ

Get your DCU-SKC previews - and watch what you eat in Brazil.

Victor Decolongon

The main things I remember from a trip to Kansas City in 1999 were to-die-for BBQ ribs and a total jerk at one of the riverboat casinos complaining about the manner in which I was playing blackjack at his table.  Hit me on 17.  I must have cost him fifteen bucks.

Your Friday previews of the upcoming duel with Sporting Kansas City include stats and forecasts from the likes of; and one of our fearless leaders, Adam Taylor.

D.C. United facing MLS champs at the right time -  SKC is a weakened side with injuries and World Cup absences.  Not only might Sean Franklin be back this weekend, but EJ has been acquitted of the Guzman red card thanks to the good work of the MLS players' union.  Other than Chris Pontius (remember him?), we're at full strength.

D.C. United gets into World Cup spirit -  A fun little article about DCU's varied allegiances for the World Cup.

Injuries, busy schedule force Sporting Kansas City into shopping mode this summer |  From what mystery illness doth Peterson Joseph suffer?

Here's Jurgen Klinsmann's silver lining for the Landon Donovan snub controversy - Yahoo Sports:  Mix Dikerud is the Landon Donovan of the Steam Team.

Honduras 0, Turkey 2 | Road to Brazil Match Recap |  Andy Najar was getting ready for the World Cup at RFK.

Brazil finds expired food at hotels hosting World Cup teams -  Oy.

MLS ranked most diverse major sports league in North America with 57 nationalities represented |  That's great.  And obvious.

Sober up, and comment.