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D.C. United drawn into very winnable group for 2014-15 CONCACAF Champions League

United will kick off the continental championship tournament in a group with the Panamanian champs and a Jamaican team. LET'S ALL GO TO JAMAICA YOU GUYS!

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

There are some things the Latin American world does better than us Gringos. Telenovelas, for instance, but also portmanteau abbreviations. While north of the Rio Grande, we refer to the clumsily named CONCACAF Champions League by it's full title (so as not to confuse it with its really much bigger in every way European cousin) or by the nondescript acronym CCL, the the Spanish-speaking part of the hemisphere, the tournament is better known as the ConcaChamps. And so it shall be here.

I bring that up because the draw for the next edition of the regional club championship was held this evening, and - their 2013 MLS performance notwithstanding - D.C. United are in this sucker. Thank you, U.S. Open Cup!

The Black-and-Red were drawn into Group 4 along with Panamanian champions Tauro FC and Jamaican entrants Waterhouse FC. I'll defer to ChestRockwell, who knows more about obscure Latin American clubs than anybody anywhere reasonably should, who called this a "dream" draw for los Capitalinos. We avoid the tough Costa Rican teams we could have been drawn against, and also manage to avoid a trip to Nicaragua or Guatemala.

What are your thoughts on the draw? Suddenly planning an autumn trip to Jamaica?