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Fantasy Focus: Landon who?

Landon Donovan may have set the MLS all-time goal scoring record, but he wasn't the leading scorer.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

With 125 points, Beta Theta Pirate scored the most this week. Robbie Keane (LA, $11.0) played twice, scored twice, and assisted twice on the way to an armband-aided 46 points to lead his team. Tied for second were Chris Rolfe (DCU, $7.2) and Dom Dwyer (SKC, $8.4), each of whom scored 12 points. Dwyer scored twice, and Rolfe scored once and added an assist in one game of action despite his team playing twice. In It Toux Wynne It still leads overall.

Positional Leaders


One Bill Hamid (DCU, $4.9) led all goalkeepers with 12 points over two games with a clean sheet. Steve Clark (CLB, $5.0) and Jaime Penedo (LA, $5.9) tied for second with 9 points. Only Clark had a clean sheet.


I must be hallucinating, because this says Christian Fernandez (DCU, $6.9) outpaced all defenders with 15 points, including a clean sheet and an assist. Dallas teammates Matt Hedges ($8.6) and Zack Loyd ($5.3) tied for second with 11 points, each earning a clean sheet in two games. Of the remaining United defenders, Bobby Boswell ($8.8) led with 10 points, Jeff Parke ($6.8) had 9, and Chris Korb ($5.8) had 8.


Newly minted MLS all-time leading goalscorer Landon Donovan (LA, $10.7) scored two goals and assisted another on the way to 18 points and the positional lead. Dylan Powers (COL, $7.7) scored twice in one game for 14 points, while Gyasi Zardes (LA, $6.4) equaled those points in two games with a goal and an assist. For United, Rolfe's 12 points led, while Perry Kitchen ($6.4) scored 7 points, Davy Arnaud ($6.8) scored 6, Nick DeLeon ($6.8) scored 5, Lewis Neal ($5.3) scored 3, Alex Caskey ($5.7) scored 2, and each of Collin Martin ($5.3), Kyle Porter ($4.5), and Luis Silva ($7.1) scored 1.


Robbie Keane's 23 points led all forwards and all players. DCU's Fabian Espindola ($8.8) scored two goals and assisted another on the way to 18 points and second. Maximiliano Urruti (POR, $6.3) scored twice for 12 points, tying with Dom Dwyer for third. Among remaining D.C. forwards, Conor Doyle ($6.3) scored 1 point, and Eddie Johnson ($9.4) scored -1.

Looking Ahead

All teams are playing this week, and Kansas City, Chivas and Portland each play twice. Games start Tuesday night, so get moving with the changes. Kansas City offensive players are the ones to go with, as their defense is wracked with injuries and national team absences. Erick Torres (CHV, $8.6, 68 points) is a no-brainer. Among the remaining players, I like Bobby Shuttleworth (NE, $5.3, 44 points) in goal at Montreal. Keep an eye on Leonardo (LA, $7.4, 37 points) and his injury status with his game at Chicago. In midfield, you probably need to find space for Landon Donovan, who is going to be focused and determined in the wake of his omission from the US World Cup team. At forward, it's hard to ignore Espindola's form.

Everybody's Adding: G - Eric Kronberg (SKC, $5.3, 52 points, +150), D - Drew Moor (COL, $7.6, 64 points, +340), M - Diego Valeri (POR, $10.3, 60 points, +716), F - Dom Dwyer (+863)

Everybody's Dropping: G - Tally Hall (HOU, $6.0, 66 points, -152), D - Michel (DAL, $8.0, 60 points, -649), M - Lamar Neagle (SEA, $8.3, 64 points, -1072), F - Joao Plata (RSL, $7.5, 60 points, -669)