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Player Ratings for United's dissapointing 2-1 loss against the Revs

A point was within grasp, but the Revs' potent attack came up big again.

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The tie against the Impact a week ago was a poor result. The Impact are one of the worst teams in the league this year, and United was playing at home, making a win imperative. Saturday night against the Revolution however, a tie would have been a quality result. This Revolution side is one of the best in years, making United's short-lived chances of a tie all the more deflating. In the end, the Revs free-flowing, fluid attack proved too much for United's sturdy but immobile back line. The upcoming matches don't get easier, Sporting Kansas City beckons, but hopefully the return of Chris Rolfe and Fabian Espindola bode well for United's chances. Here are your match ratings.

Bill Hamid: 5

It feels as though every passing match is an exhibition in the pros and cons of Bill Hamid's exuberant goalkeeping style. The first goal wasn't a problem, it's nice if Hamid can make that save but ultimately it's down to the defenders to keep the Revs attackers out of those areas. The second goal was a different story. If Hamid attempts to come off his line to claim that cross he HAS to get there. We saw this against the Timbers when Hamid failed to claim the ball off Gaston Fernandez's feet, leaving the striker with an open goal. I don't think anybody wants Hamid to curb his aggression, it's what makes him a quality goalie, but decision-making remains his biggest developmental hurdle going forward.

Chris Korb: 4

Korb couldn't quite keep his run of form going, struggling often with the pace and skill of Diego Fagundez. Both goals came from Korb's side, and both goals came from Fagundez's incisive play. On the winning goal, Korb's slack marking left Fagundez with the time and space to finish after Hamid's failure to claim the ball. That goal is mainly Hamid and Lewis Neal's fault, but tighter marking from Korb could have saved the day. I've enjoyed Korb's play thoroughly since his return to the side, but it's games like these against top attacks that will eventually define United's season.

Bobby Boswell: 5

Played decently for most of the match, but was also part of the handful of players that Fagundez slithered through for the opening goal. That play illustrated the problem that's become United's biggest this year: pace. The back line just can't handle it.

Jeff Parke: 4.5

Parke similarly struggled with the movements of the Revs attack. He allowed Patrick Mullins to waltz past him approximately six yards from the goal, which kind of sums up the night.

Cristian: 6

Golf clap for Cristian getting the highest rating of the night for the defenders. The cross for Espindola's goal showed his best quality as a fullback, the occasional quality service into the box. I say "occasional" because we all know he's capable of a terrible one, but his cross for Eddie Johnson's headed chance in the first half nearly gave me tears of joy. That was exactly what EJ needs to excel in this offense. More of that, please.

Perry Kitchen: 5

Perry had a solid first half, as did most of the team, but lost control of the midfield in the second. I can't think of many teams in the league where it's more important to control the midfield than the Revolution, and that didn't happen. Perry's been a little off his game for a couple of weeks now, so it's important for him to get back to his buccaneering ways in the midfield.

Davy Arnaud: 5.5

The nature of Arnaud's game somewhat guarantees a rating of five or higher. He works hard, breaks up play, and drives forward. The only variable tends to be how clean he is on the ball. Against the Dynamo his passing game was tremendous. Against the Revs not so much. Arnaud's ability to move the ball becomes increasingly vital against teams like the Revolution, where Kitchen has to spend extra effort on the defensive end.

Alex Caskey: 5

Played the exact sort of game I would have expected after seeing his substitute appearances. Simple passes, solid defensive effort. It's probably best that Caskey remains as a defensive substitute off the bench, but it's nice to see he's capable of stepping into the starting lineup when needed.

Nick DeLeon: 5.5

DeLeon wasn't nearly as involved as last week, but did seem cleaner in possession. Some of United's best play in the first half went through DeLeon on the right, so it was refreshing to see some of his technical skills come back. That said, there were times when I wanted DeLeon to dribble at the defenders in front of him. DeLeon looks his best at full speed going forward, something that doesn't happen as much as it should.

Collin Martin: 6

The most important thing from Martin's surprise start was his comfort on the ball. Yes, there were some needless giveaways but overall Martin looked like he belonged. Chris Rolfe is in many ways what Martin should model himself after: Quick, creative, and skillful. Martin showed he's ready to be considered as a rotation option in this team, hopefully Michael Seaton is next.

Eddie Johnson: 5.5

I truly believe the red card was complete b.s, so the 5.5 is for his performance leading up to that. MLS needs to do the right thing and rescind the suspension, but I doubt they will. Prior to that point EJ looked decent. He appears to be understanding his need to park himself in the box more often, so the service needs to come next.

Fabian Espindola: 7.5 (Subbed on, 60th minute)

Continued his outstanding season with his clinical finish in the 73rd. The likely return of Rolfe and Espindola up top against Sporting Kansas City is plenty reason to be optimistic this week.

Lewis Neal: 4 (Subbed on, 63rd minute)

Played some quality passes early on, unfortunately his mistake on the winning goal proved to be costly.

Kyle Porter: 5 (Subbed on, 87th Minute)

Nice to see him back.