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Player Ratings for United's stalemate against the Impact

Eddie Johnson's first goal for United serves as consolation for a disappointing result.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

After the 1-0 victory over the Union last week, United seemed to have the momentum to see off a struggling Impact side. Alas, it was not to be. The Black and Red failed to carry the confidence of a team vastly higher in the standings, allowing chances to slip by continuously, inevitably resulting in a deflating tie. Points like these are the ones most rued when the season is over, and thus the ones that can't be given away. Credit where credit is due to the Impact, but United need to get three points for games like these, especially at home. Here are the player ratings.

Bill Hamid: 7.5

Superb performance again from Hamid, stopping Sanna Nyassi repeatedly over the course of the match. The final save on Nyassi (and subsequent Chris Korb block) was obviously the highlight, but Hamid controlled rebounds and commanded from the back imperiously all night. It's just a shame there wasn't a clean sheet to show for his performance.

Chris Korb: 7.5

The right back was by far the most assured presence on the back line Saturday night. Korb has been rounding into form since his return from injury and showed some tremendous two-way play. Nyassi gave Korb, as well as the entire team, some trouble early, but he stayed firm and kept his flank secure for the rest of the game. Korb isn't without his faults, but his consistency should land him a starting job at left back when Sean Franklin returns from injury.

Bobby Boswell: 4.5

Yet again Boswell's marking let him down on Montreal's opening goal. The play was predominately Cristian's fault, but Boswell's slack marking not only led to McInerney finding open space, but it also allowed him the time and space to take a touch before prodding home. Boswell has had a solid season so far, which makes it all the more frustrated when simple mistakes like this cost United points.

Jeff Parke: 4.5

Parke was often guilty of affording way too much space in front of him, letting the Impact attackers either size up open shots, or run directly at the defense. Parke's stumble on the Nyassi chance that led to the Hamid-Korb double save was created by his backing off. Speed is an issue, and it's good that Parke recognizes that, but simply stepping up five yards could have prevented some of the chances the Impact created.

Cristian: 3

Bad, like spoiled milk bad. The errant touch that led to the goal was the kind of debacle always possible in a Cristian performance. Beyond that, his game was filled with horrid passes, negative play, and anxious defending. How the Impact didn't isolate Mapp against Cristian more is baffling, and very fortunate for United.

Perry Kitchen: 5.5

Possessed the ball very well, but I would have liked to see more of an attacking push given the space conceded by the Impact. Kitchen's chance in the early second half from DeLeon's cut back was the result of excellent movement, and it was disappointing that he didn't look to create more of those opportunities. Having a partner like Arnaud means Kitchen should be able to step into attack more often. I'd like to see that more often against the Dynamo on Wednesday.

Davy Arnaud: 6

Another solid performance from Arnaud, but I'm pleased Ben made the call early to pull him off for Luis Silva. United's possession meant that Arnaud's scrappy counter-attacking style wasn't needed. Ultimately, Silva couldn't influence the result but it's a huge benefit to have that kind of tactical flexibility off the bench.

Nick DeLeon: 3.5

Sloppy passes and sloppy dribbling were the themes of the night for DeLeon. He struggled all game to get in any sort of rhythm. A Nick DeLeon that's on his game runs at the opposing wing backs and creates opportunities for the forwards in the box. We saw none of that Saturday night.

Chris Rolfe: 5

United's lion share of possession could have meant a monster game from Rolfe, but he never really got going. As always he showed his quality in flashes, but wasn't found in very dangerous positions.

Fabian Espindola: 7.5

Espindola's workrate was once again off the charts. I love the way he's actively looking to set up EJ, that's the kind of partnership we were hoping for when they both were brought in this offseason. Espindola drags defenders away from the center leaving EJ with much more space to work with. Hopefully we're just beginning to see the fruits of their partnership.

Eddie Johnson: 8

Hooray! A goal! EJ's missed chances early left me with a sinking feeling that it would be another scoreless game, but EJ squashed those fears with style. The goal was EJ at his best, and left me thinking the more service we get in the box the better this team will be.

Luis Silva: 5.5

Unlucky on the shot that hit the crossbar, but also failed to get overly involved in the attack.

Lewis Neal: 5.5

I don't mind Lewis Neal in the midfield, but the substitution was pretty baffling. Subbing off a center back in that situation is a good idea, but Neal essentially moved into Kitchen's spot, pushing Perry into Boswell's spot as a slightly more attacking center back. United got the tying goal, but it certainly wasn't down to that move.

Conor Doyle: 5

I don't know why Ben waited until the 93rd minute to make his final substitution, Doyle had no time to make any sort of impact.