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Freedom Kicks: D.C. United, MLS and soccer links for Tuesday 8 April 2014

Jozy sits for Sunderland. MLS teams of the week both smart and silly. Stalking Tony Tchiani. It's all inside.

Michael Regan

No real theme to speak of this morning, other than the weather getting properly nice. So, yeah weather!

DCU fans groaning about FedEx double-header seat assignments | Soccer Insider
I won't lie - I'm one of the folks groaning about this. As much as I dislike going from the front of the 200 section to the back of the 400s, I'm actually more annoyed by the fact that no attempt was made to put me anywhere near my seat-mates (who have their own STH accounts), meaning I'm not going to be watching the game with the people I usually do. Hopefully we'll all be able to move closer to each other (and the field) once most of the stadium empties out after the Spain-El Salvador game and before D.C. United and the Crew take the field.

Team of the Week |
Sharing only to ask if there's anybody here who would have put Andrew Farrell in their Team of the Week this week. His team lost 2-0 to a team that's struggled to score for more than a year. The first goal was created on his flank, and he was nowhere near anything for the clincher in stoppage time, allowing Chris Rolfe to ghost into the space he arguably should have been covering. Even if the rest of his game had been nearly flawless, was it that bad of a week for fullbacks?

Planet Fútbol MLS Best XI: Week 5 |
A more reasonable Team of the Week, featuring the much-better-in-that-game-than-Andrew-Farrell Perry Kitchen.

The Ride Along: Tony Tchani Edition | Massive Report
Really cool feature idea from our friends out in Ohio. Nate Beckman watched a single Columbus Crew player for the duration of their match against Toronto FC in an attempt to answer the eternal question: Is Tony Tchani good or bad?

Jozy Altidore left out of Sunderland 18 dropped to U-21s |
Not exactly the news you want to hear about the USMNT starting striker just two months before the 2014 World Cup kicks off.

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