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Freedom Kicks - D.C. United, MLS and soccer links for Tuesday 22 April 2014

Today: stadium foibles in other cities, MLS expansion fever, great goals and countertrolling. All in the name of Freedom (Kicks).


Today's theme would seem to be stadium problems in other parts of the country and the world, but I don't like that. So, instead, I'm going to wish a very happy birthday to my mother, Susie Taylor, who was born on this day in 1955. Happy birthday, Mom!

Now, to the links!

Match Analysis with Chad Ashton | D.C. United
Listen to United's top assistant break down the draw against Columbus. Nice peek into what the coaching staff was looking for on Saturday.

Superb goals by Spirit, Kickers | Soccer Insider
No professional soccer teams affiliated with the DMV lost this weekend - hooray! D.C. United and their USL PRO affiliates the Richmond Kickers both drew, and the Washington Spirit won. Goff has video of some great goals from the Spirit's Diana Matheson and Christine Nairn as well as DCU loanee's blast from distance for the Kickers.

New York City FC outline plans for Yankee Stadium's baseball-to-soccer conversion |
We all knew this was going to be happening, but NYCLOLWTFBBQ FC announced yesterday the details of their ground-sharing arrangement with the Yankees. It'll take three days to convert the field from baseball to a soccer configuration, and three days to switch it back. They say they've solved any issues with close quarters around corner flags, and it looks from renderings like they won't be playing over the pitcher's mound, which is better than it could have been.

MLS plans for the future after expanding to Atlanta | FOX Sports
Nice little round-up on the realignment issues facing the league and more. Personally, I'm hoping the league holds at two conferences until they inevitably push past 24 teams, at which point I just hope they go with three divisions rather than four. Here's where you can find more of my thoughts on expansion and alignment.

Orlando City to play one season in Citrus Bowl before moving to its new venue | Planet Futbol -
The more tastefully named Orlando City SC are also facing their own stadium issues. Rather than three years in a baseball park, though, they'll be spending one season at the Orange Bowl before they move into their own place. And everybody thought it was just DC that had trouble getting a stadium deal together...

World Cup: Qatar scales back 2022 plans, will host event in eight stadiums |
Speaking of stadium foibles... add one more thing to the list of reasons not to follow through with the Qatar World Cup (currently numbering in the millions, as in dollars given to the 10-year-old daughter of a FIFA official). This thing has to be moved somewhere else, right? I say FIFA should just rip the bandaid off, deal with the (small) blowback and start moving forward, rather than drag this thing out only to find more corruption and more broken promises and fewer stadiums. The alternative is to move the tournament less than a year before it kicks off (which *will* happen otherwise - count on it).

A Response to Deadspin on MLS | The Blue Testament
Our KC barbeque-flavored sister site takes on the latest Billy Haisley trolljob. I'll link you to this story, and when Deadspin posts something worth linking to, I won't hesitate to point you that way. But I won't drive traffic to the Haisley's hackery. Instead, enjoy the reply.