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Freedom Kicks - D.C. United, MLS and soccer links for 11 April 2014: The One Percenters

On tap in today's Freedom Kicks: a video chat with Bobby Boswell and Dax McCarty, a preview of the Washington Spirit, a bump for USMNT, the highest earning MLS players, and so much more.

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Claus Andersen

Stop staring at the cherry blossoms for five minutes, and get your Freedom Kicks.  You're blocking traffic.

D.C. United’s Kitchen poised to emerge as a star - Washington Post:  Here's a quick little article highlighting Kitchen's new-found offensive prowess. As of 9 pm last night, the article featured a photo of Chris Korb (The Korb!), rather than Perry Kitchen.  I guess they have the same haircut.

Bobby Boswell and Dax McCarty, let's try this again! - YouTube:  He's always getting interviewed, this Bobby Boswell character.  Here, Molly Bruh video chats with him and Dax McCarty about the DCU-NYRB rivalry.  Lots of reminiscing about the good ole days.  Another fun interview, I have to admit, especially the fleeting moment of trash talk at the end.

MLS Disciplinary Committee Fines and Suspends Lewis Neal and Jay Heaps - The Bent Musket:  Our pals in New England are pleased that Neal got suspended for a game, because of his tackle last Saturday.  On the other hand, they're not so pleased their coach got suspended.  Just what did Jay Heaps say?

Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley Lead MLS’ Millionaires’ Club | Soccer |  A list of MLS's top 1%.  And the median salary for an MLS player is higher than it's ever been:  $80k.

Chicago Fire announce reigning MLS MVP Mike Magee has signed a new contract |  Magee is staying in Chicago.

2014 NWSL season preview – Washington Spirit: Climbing up from the bottom -  There's another Earth, with a team just like DC United, rebuilding from an abysmal season, with a major overhaul of the roster.  They're called the Washington Spirit, and their season starts on Sunday versus Abby Wombach and the Western New York Flash.

WORLD CUP PANIC: Experts predict few food-court options at Brazilian airports | Dirty Tackle - Yahoo Sports: How do you say Cinnabon in Portuguese?

How Bad Is Brazil's Crime? Watch This Mugging On Live TV : Parallels : NPR:  Getting mugged is one of the last things you expect to happen while you're being interviewed on live television.  But in Brazil, it's all cool.

World Cup: USMNT back up to No. 13 in FIFA World Rankings; Germany, Portugal in Top 3 | USMNT is truly in the Group of Death.  Germany is #2.  Portugal is #3.  Ghana is #38 in the world.  Somehow, we jumped up a spot, thanks to our draw with Mexico.  I don't get that, unless the rankers were like me and fell asleep at halftime.

Opening Dates for D.C.’s Farmers’ Markets - Young & Hungry:  Eat your veggies.  Though it's not listed here, the Farmers' Market in downtown Silver Spring on Elsworth Drive, Saturday mornings, is pretty awesome, too.

This is your place to interview Bobby Boswell, click and gel your midfield, or simply post about soccer and farmers' markets.