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Freedom Kicks - D.C. United, MLS and soccer links for 28 March 2014: Puke, Pols, and Double Standards

Boswell covers his mouth and gets puke on his jacket anyways. FIFA continues to embarrass itself. EJ wishes he was AJ. And Man U fans request a flyover.

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Ladies and gentlemen!  Good morning!  Do you feel good?  I bet you do.  Leave your troubles outside.  There are no troubles here.  Here, life is beautiful.  The girls are beautiful.  The boys are beautiful.  Even the Front Office is beautiful.

And now presenting, the Freedom Kicks!

ExtraTime Radio podcast |  At the 30 minute mark, Bobby Boswell gets interviewed about why he left DCU the first go-around (he asked to leave), why he left Houston (he had nothing to lose), the puke on his jacket, and talking to the ref with his hand over his mouth.  Actually, a very fun interview.

Capital Soccer Classic | U.S. Soccer Foundation:  At this link, you can register for free admission to the second annual Capital Soccer Classic, where Ben Olsen and other former pros will play a very partisan game of football for charity, with Members of Congress, at Il Coliseo di RFK on April 8.

USLPRO Preview: Richmond Kickers | Soccerly:  This preview of the Richmond Kickers doesn't say it, but I will:  Thanks to having Seaton in their lineup, the Kickers are going to be fast and win a lot.

American Exports: Aron Johannsson misses penalty as AZ fall to Ajax in Dutch Cup semifinals |  Ouch.  My man AJ fails to convert his second penalty kick in five days.  Come on, man.

'Wrong One - Moyes Out': United fans pay £840 to fly message over Old Trafford | Mail Online:  Fanaticism.  All the way across the sky.

Manchester United players' revolt theatening future of manager David Moyes at Old Trafford after latest defeat - Telegraph:  It's not just the fans revolting at Manchester United - but the players themselves.  Or so the headline would have us believe.

Washington Spirit Reserves re-sign U20 NT Pair | Box Score News:  The Washington Spirit are serious about developing players for the future, particularly homegrown stars of tomorrow like Lorton's Andi Sullivan.

SI Now: Abby Wambach says female athletes are held to a double standard - Video -  Canada is bidding for the 2026 Men's World Cup.  Do you think they'll insist on dangerous artificial turf for the 2026 boys, like they did for the 2015 girls?  Wombach doesn't think so.  Apparently, FIFA believes that a double standard is twice as good as a single standard, so what are you complaining about?

Dear John: Kelly's Irish Times: DCist:  If you'd like to roll on the floor, after rolling out of bed this morning, read this review of the men's room at Kelly's Irish Times pub cum dive bar over by Union Station.

I'm officially predicting a loss tomorrow.  The good news is that I haven't gotten any of my DCU predictions right so far this year.  So what do I know?  Set your FIFA 2014 strategy to WIN mode, and comment away below.