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Bye Week: Top Things To Do To Pass The Time

With this weekend's bye week, supporters have an unexpected weekend off very early in the season. What are we to do to pass the time? We take a look at some top things to do to keep you entertained while DC United rests.

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sport

Bye Week.  It's the two words that, depending on the time of year, invokes either relief, anxiety or is the sign for you to kick back and relax.  For DC United, those two words come unexpectedly during the second week of the 2014 MLS season.  With the league moving the scheduled first road match of the season against the LA Galaxy to August 27th due to the Galaxy's participation in the CONCACAF Champions League, DC United was left without a match today.  Nevermind that the match was moved to a date that will likely bring the match into direct conflict with DC United's participation in the CONCACAF Champions League, based on previous calendars.  Still, it leaves us fans and supporters with an unexpected day off with no DC United match to watch on TV.  So, what are we to do to pass the time?  Here are some ideas:

1. GO OUTSIDE. It's 63 degrees outside right now and sunny!  You probably know we're expected to get another snow event tomorrow night, so you better take advantage of the weekend while it's beautiful out.  Walk around.  Go to the park.  Take it all in. And then...

2. Go to the grocery store. Did you hear? There's a snow storm coming.  Everyone PANIC!!! Grab all the water, bread and milk you can because once the storm hits, there will be no more!

3. Take part in St. Practice Day activities. C'mon...some of you have already declared this St. Patrick's Day even though the real holiday is on Monday.  Some of you aren't even Irish, but that's not gonna stop you from wearing green and drinking all the green beer you can fit into your stomachs.  But, since this isn't the real St. Patrick's Day, I like to call it St. Practice in the day everyone practices their St. Patrick's Day routine for the real thing on the 17th.  You have to do it right and that means doing it big so you can perform on game day.

4. Watch some college basketball. It's conference championship weekend and tomorrow is one of the great days of the year...Selection Sunday!  When you're done playing outside and panicking at the store and practicing your St. Patrick's Day routine, kick back on the couch and relax and watch the most famous bracket in America take shape.  And while you do it, sign up for some bracket contests.  You could win some pocket change.

5. Watch some MLS matches. What? Watch other teams?  There are some pretty good matches on today, with the main event being Seattle-Toronto.  Check the schedule for all the matches on this weekend and if someone has a MLS Live subscription that they can share with yours truly, holler at me.

6. Catch up on your DVR or Netflix queue. Your 10 old episodes of The Voice and season 2 of House of Cards won't watch themselves!  Grab some popcorn and your favorite beverage and exercise those remote control muscles and make sure you have a clear DVR next week for all those NCAA tournament games you're clearly going to be recording.

7. Sleep. You can use this weekend to get the excellent sleep you've been lacking since the season started.  For those of you making the trip to Toronto, you'll definitely thank me later for all the sleep you can get this weekend to make up for the lack of sleep you will get in the T. Dot.

So, it's a great day even though it's not a United day.  If you've made it this far...what are you doing? I've given you seven awesome things to do on your day off.  Go now and take advantage!!