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Freedom Kicks: D.C. United and MLS links for 10 March 2014

In today's links, we have as much post to go with the mortem, and some lighter moments in between.

Smoke in a bathroom? Who does that?
Smoke in a bathroom? Who does that?
Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sport

You may want to scrub off Saturday's game with a Silkwood-level shower, but not on today's watch. Bathe in the narrative, lather with the hyperbole!

Post mortems on Saturday's 3-0 loss to Columbus by us, WaPo, MLS, Ives and Goal, with additional Player Ratings and Tactical Observations.

MLS Scores: Will Bruin angry! Will Bruin smash! - Kevin McCauley with your recap of League events from opening weekend.

WATCH: Rob Friend, Mauro Díaz give Oscar-worthy performances to earn Saturday penalties | ProSoccerTalk: The replacement refs judgments in the DC game were not the only interesting ones as Richard Farley shows us a couple of more in what I'll call (to paraphrase Teddy KGB) "Pay those men their money."

D.C. United feeling good about integrating new talent - Black And Red United: Regardless of the result, the team is fine with all the new faces so far, and Kevin McCauley shows us why.

Pontius and Lampson support LLS at DCU's Home Opener | D.C. United: Filing this under a nicer on-field thing that happened at RFK.

In a less than nicer thing off-field at RFK, LOLtras.

Projecting the 2014 Major League Soccer season | Soccermetrics Research, LLC: Sure the games are being played, but Soccermetrics has one last projection of the standings for you.

Life as a Fan of a Fan - Black And Red United: Someone new to the soccer experience asks for a little bit of help at RFK. Be gentle.

And finally, Clyde Simms was given a tribute tifo just before kickoff. Clyde was at the game and responded:

This is your place to discuss any and all soccer topics for the day.