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Freedom Kicks for 13 February 2014: Andy Najar transfer rumors and MLS TV ratings

Dig your computer out of the snow and join us for some Freedom Kicks!

Patrick McDermott

I hope that all of you get to stay home today due to the snow that has enveloped the Eastern Seaboard this past evening. I know that it caused D.C. United's flight to be cancelled, so instead they are staying in Florida for a few extra days. In that vein, let us all think warm thoughts as I give you your morning Freedom Kicks.

Official Bar Partners | D.C. United: D.C. United released their updated list of official bar partners for the 2014 season, which includes more locations in the District, Northern Virginia, and a new bar in Charlottesville. However, Maryland bars seem not to want to get with the program.

Supporters Group video shoot RSVP | D.C. United: United is asking for members of supporters groups to come for a video shoot that will be a part of one of their commercials this year.

Transfer news: Andy Najar will not be leaving Anderlecht, says agent | Football News | Sky Sports: Apparently Andy Najar is already drawing interest from teams like Tottenham Hotspur and Valencia (as well as Hull City). I hope that D.C. United had a sell-on clause in their deal with Anderlecht, because Andy could make another big move in the next few years.

MLS continues to struggle on TV, but there's reason for hope - Yeah, MLS TV ratings suck, but someday they might not!

Report: Miami Vice under consideration for Beckham's new team name: No.

American Exports: Clint Dempsey left out of Fulham squad again, Geoff Cameron goes 90 for Stoke City | Clint should probably just come back and prepare for the MLS season.

And finally, a brief stadium project update:

As always, use this for your daily open thread about soccer-related topics. What's on your mind?