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Open Call for Writers at Black and Red United

Love D.C. United? Want to write about the team for a large and growing audience of people just as crazy and obsessed as you? You should consider writing for Black and Red United.


Friends, 2013 was not a good year for D.C. United. Sure, there was the Open Cup trophy, but let's not kid ourselves. To the contrary, though, last year was bonkers for Black and Red United. We started covering the Kickers and the Spirit, we added some other beats, too, and our community grew by leaps and bounds. And we want to keep growing in 2014. To do that, we'd like to bring on some more writers. There are a couple beats we have in mind that we'd like to cover, and we're always open to pitches for new ways to cover the most decorated team in American soccer.

Sound like something you'd be interested in? Please read on.

Available Beats
  1. D.C. United Alumni - This was the beat we created for the since departed Primetime Mitch. It's a monthly check-in on former United first team players who have moved on, with the occasional stand-alone post when somebody does something particularly notable.
  2. D.C. United Academy Alumni - Once the college season starts, we'd like to have somebody keep tabs with how DCU Academy products are performing with their college sides. Same goes for PDL and other U-23 sides during the summer. Probably a post that runs every two weeks during the appropriate seasons.
  3. Links! - We're looking for new voices to take on our morning Freedom Kicks columns one or two days a week. This is your chance to curate the news and put your own snark on the goings on in the world of American soccer.
  4. Whatever you've been dying to write about - Like I said, we're definitely open to new ideas, so if you've got one, let us know. If you've got a handle on the burgeoning field of advanced soccer metrics and need a place to let your stats flag fly, hit us up. If you've got a fresh angle on covering the sport that you think other United fans would be interested in reading, then what are you waiting for? We're all ears.

We aren't going to assign a deadline to applications, but when we find somebody we like, we're going to move quickly to fill available spots. So if you're interested in joining the staff here, do apply soon. Unfortunately, we won't be able to pay our new contributors - we haven't grown quite that much in the last year - but writing here will put you in front of a smart, passionate audience of soccer fans at a really exciting time for the sport.

If you're still reading at this point, I can only assume it's because you're interested in joining our team here at B&RU. If so, please fill out this application form. After that, Ben and I will be in touch.

We already have a couple new staff members lined up that we're really excited about unveiling. Here's hoping you'll be the next.

Vamos, amigos.