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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: Be right back, buying a Vikingur Olafsvik jersey

Some history, some America, some FIFA, and an update on #OurFriendClyde.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

It may be the offseason and almost Christmas (or just Thursday, however you roll), but apparently soccer still does some things. So I'm here to tell you about some of those things, even though I'm nearing some sort of Christmas cookie-induced coma.

Onto the things!

Houston Dynamo affiliate with USL PRO side Charleston Battery |
"What we like about Charleston is that they run things in a very professional manner." This should be the very least that a team aims for.

Houston Dynamo: the goalkeeper competition
Speaking of the Dynamo, here are some words on the competition at goalkeeper there. Does Joe Willis edge out Tyler Deric for the number one spot? All I'll say is that if Willis has to sit on the bench, I would rather he sit on the bench where I can see him, because I'm selfish that way.

American Exports: Freddy Adu clarifies departure from FK Jagodina, says he was on six-month contract |
For those of you who still need your Freddy Adu fix.

TDS Men’s Division I Best XI teams | College Soccer
For those of you keeping an eye (or wanting to keep an eye) on the college scene.

Cristiano Ronaldo unveils statue of Cristiano Ronaldo at Cristiano Ronaldo museum | Soccer Gods
It's...interesting. It also looks nothing like him?

A Moment of Brilliance: Going Green
On Ferenc Puskas and a 1959 trip to New York with Real Madrid.

100 Years Ago, Football Brings Respite from the Killing on the Western Front | Bundesliga Fanatic
"Eventually the English brought a soccer ball from their trenches, and pretty soon a lively game ensued. How marvelously wonderful, yet how strange it was."

FIFA Ban on Third-Party Soccer Player Investment to Start in May - Bloomberg
I guess FIFA does some governing once in a while.

A Jersey Boy Finds a Job in Iceland - Howler Magazine
Vikingur Olafsvik? New favorite club name, to be honest.

The Bobby Award: Pick D.C. United's most improved player - Black And Red United
Get your votes in!

This holiday season, become an organ donor | D.C. United
Hate to see that Clyde Simms needs another kidney transplant after complications from his surgery last week. Think of him, and learn more about #OurFriendClyde, kidney disease, and how to become a living donor here.

VIDEO: Scottish goalkeeper proposes with flash mob in middle of Times Square | SIDELINE |
I am not normally one for proposals like these, but damn it if that large Scottish man dancing didn't make me smile. Here's the video for the lazy ones among you:

That's all I got for you today, because I'm already departing this post to get another cookie before they're all gone.