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DCU gets neighborly: DC United & Sundry Soccer Links for 19 December 2018

DCU aims to be a good neighbor. The sex appeal factor in soccer stardom. USWNT routs Argentina. Willis turns Dynamo.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

So I had to lay down to get my kid to go to sleep and ended up not getting up again before the morning.

But I'm not gonna let you down.  Friday Freedom Kicks!  Late?  Yes.  Truncated?  A little.  Full of Freedom?  Always.

Dave Kasper taking pragmatic approach to D.C. United offseason -  DCU's general manager thinks the core of our squad is in a good place.  Need more depth.

D.C. United, Buzzard Point-Area Neighbors Strike a Deal - Housing Complex:  The City Paper looks at how DCU is promising to be a good neighbor in Buzzard Point.

Around sports: Goalkeeper Willis signs Dynamo contract - Houston Chronicle:  We'll never forget your save on that PK at Red Bull Arena in the 2012 playoffs, or your angry Willis mugshot.

Alan Black on soccer: Sex appeal and economics of soccer - SFGate:  Looks matter.

SOCCER: Chalupny starts, notches assist in US win over Argentina - The Telegraph -  US Women on a tear.

Soccer-team owner accused of sexual assault, harassment | Local News | The Seattle Times:  What is going on with indoor soccer?

BBC Sport - Fifa World Cup report: Michael Garcia findings to be released:  FIFA is going to release a "legally appropriate" version of the Garcia report on corruption, and Blatter says there ain't gonna be no revote of the 2018 or 2022 hosting bids.

My apologies for the lateness.  Enjoy your weekend.  Avoid the Krampus.