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D.C. United Transfer News and Rumors: Is Paulo Cesar Arango Being Scouted?

D.C.'s latest area of interest apparently is/was in the Colombian Leagues. No, it is not this guy.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Confirming an earlier report, D.C. United has apparently expressed an interest in Colombian midfielder Paulo Cesar Arango. Arango appeared in more than 150 games with America De Cali in the Colombian A League (or First Division) on three occasions from 2005-2013, though most recently was let go by La Equidad last month. Arango is 30 and seems to fit the mold of the 'wheel' that D.C. has previously looked for, playing in the middle with a little bit of time on the wing.

Now there are several caveats to consider:

  • First and foremost, whatever it is that Latin press does when it comes to rumors and scuttlebutt these days (the source I spoke with confirmed the interest but did say an official offer had not been made, so this could all mean nothing more than a tire kicking at this point).
  • Equidad was the home of former D.C. player and offside fetishist Lionard Pajoy. I use 'was' there as Pajoy was also released with Arango, two of among eight in a housecleaning of the roster with a new coach coming in (a note of trivia, said new coach is the brother of the late player Andre Escobar, who many will recall from the 1994 World Cup and from the subject of a 30 for 30).
  • Apparently Arango may have interest from two clubs within the Colombian League: from Once Caldas and Atletico Bucaramanga, but they are also in the B League.

So, with that out of the way (and as is the case with other rumored players), here is the obligatory sizzle reel:

So, with D.C. United heading back to RFK in six weeks or so before beginning camp, and being in the space when Stage One of the Re-Entry Draft ended and days before Stage Two begins (Eddie Johnson was acquired during a similar window last year), what does one make of this?