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Throwback Thursday: How I know D.C. United can beat the New York Red Bulls 2-0 on Saturday

It happened just a couple months ago.

Stop me if this sounds familiar: D.C. United to welcome the New York Red Bulls into RFK Stadium on a sunny afternoon for a nationally televised match with more than the usual bit of pride on the line. That's the brief for this Saturday in the second leg of the Eastern Conference semifinals, and that was the setting back in August, when the hosts were looking to cement their spot atop the standings and the guests were trying just to shore up their playoff bonafides. Looking back at that late-summer encounter - wouldn't you know it? - the Black-and-Red carried the day 2-0, which, coincidentally, is exactly the score Ben Olsen's side will need to force extra time this weekend.

Yes, the Metros are in better form than they were back then. Sure, a couple important pieces in that win are just coming back from extended injuries. But United played one of their three worst performances of 2014 in the first leg on Sunday, and came out of it down just two goals. Two goals that the good guys have scored on the Red Bulls before, within the last several weeks. 2-0 is more than just possible, it's been done.

Is it automatic or even easy to get the result we need on Saturday? Of course not. But this team fights. And wins. When has that ever been true for the Metros in this rivalry?

So let's go do what we've done so many times before, and beat New York.