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The People's Sport: DC United and Sundry Soccer Links for 14 November 2014

Our season is over. But freedom continues to kick.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The most important part of your day has arrived.

Here are your Friday Freedom Kicks.  These are going to be short, and donut-sweet.  Your comments, as always, are far more interesting.

Five keys to D.C. United's offseason | Comcast SportsNet Washington:  Among other things, Dave "It's in the net!" Johnson points out that Perry Kitchen may have a dinner date with Jurgen Klinnsman.

Own Goal: The D.C. United Stadium Faces a Skeptical D.C. Council - Housing Complex - Washington City Paper: Tens of thousands get a break from the toil of their everyday lives 17 or so days out of the year.  These people range from working class to upper middle class, from immigrant to exurbanites, and so on.hites salty,white people from the ex-urbs who like to wear scarves in the sticky humidity of a DC summer.  If they want to keep their affordable entertainment here and make it a little nicer, they are threatening affordable housing. How did that become the false choice?  (Answer: has something to do with Pepco, of course.)

D.C. United, New England Revolution Eyeing New Soccer Specific Stadiums - MLS Multiplex:  I will stay in RFK forever and ever if the Big Banks fund for free affordable housing for all in DC, as its atonement for the financial crisis, and New England stops subjecting my bleeding eyeballs to the hashmarks of Gillette Stadium.  Actually, forget the Revolution condition.  I can put up with that.

VIDEO: DC United players feed blindfolded teammates doughnuts, to guess the flavor | SIDELINE |  Magic Headband and Party Boy feed ROTY and Doyle donuts while they are blindfolded.  The bottom line is that we need a nickname for Doyle.

Former DC United, Philadelphia Union coach Peter Nowak takes post with Antigua & Barbuda national team |  How cool.

Report: Ronaldinho could leave Mexico's Queretaro for MLS |  This is stuff of ho-hum-land, frankly.  Aren't we totally beyond this?  MLS is getting to the point that it really doesn't need to be hyping stuff  like this anymore.  Just two years ago, we'd be like, holy vaca, ordenanca.  Today?  YAWN.

US Soccer Teams Sign More Foreign Talent - Business Insider:  Proving my point.

New York City FC reveals Manchester City-looking inaugural MLS jersey |  Forget the pink cows.  Here come the baby blue calves.

FIFA Whitewashes Report On World Cup Voting Fraud | SportsGrid:  A very good summary.  FIFA puts North Korea media to shame.  To shame!

And your Friday Freedom Kicks moment of zen?  10 Hours of Princess Leia Walking in NYC!

Rock the party below.