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D.C. United season review: Newly minted central midfielder Davy Arnaud

We start our season review of all of the players on D.C. United's roster with Davy Arnaud.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Our series in which we ask whether or not we want players back next year is itself back again. It has been known as River or Life when Martin Shatzer was in charge, it has been known as Cake or Death when Adam Taylor was in charge, but the exercise is still the same: we go through every player on the team this year and ask whether or not they should come back next year. We come at this exercise from a much different perspective from last year, and year in which we were surprisingly gentle with who we wanted D.C. United to release.

Davy Arnaud is the first player in this alphabetical feature, and the 34 year old midfielder has just finished his first season with D.C. United. Before he came to Washington, he primarily played as a wide midfielder or an attacking midfielder; however, his move to the center of the field due to the injury to Luis Silva was the first spark, among many, that put United on the track towards first place in the Eastern Conference. If you don't remember, Arnaud started at left midfield for those first few games, none of which D.C. United won.

On the other hand, Arnaud will turn 35 next season and D.C. United sorely need more depth in central midfield. A big signing could make Arnaud that depth, and I could be fine with that. He may also be exposed in the expansion draft, with the possibility of Jason Kreis or Adrian Heath taking a chance on a wily veteran. Or, any moment, his inevitable decline could start. And, Steve Goff reported yesterday that Arnaud already has a guaranteed contract for next season. Give me all of your thoughts on all of these situations in the comments, but for the poll answer me this one question: Do you want Davy Arnaud back next year, using any criteria you want?