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Arnaud You Di'nt! Sundry soccer and D.C. United links for 3 October 2014

Davy Arnaud is the most important man on this, the 50th anniversary of the buffalo wing.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the 50th anniversary of the buffalo wing.  The first ones were created at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, on this very day in 1964.

Let's salute the buffalo wing with one hand, while we scroll down with the other.  Your Friday Freedom Kicks start right here.

Davy Arnaud of D.C. United has parlayed grit into long MLS career - The Washington Post:  The entire game tonight rides on Davy Arnaud.  This is it.  No pressure.  Goff produces a nicely timed piece on "The Litigator."

Full 90 Mailbag: Will Sporting KC make the playoffs? What’s the best soccer movie? | The Kansas City Star:  There's a great deal of hand-wringing in Kansas City right now about falling below the red line for the first time in forever (3 years).  They haven't beaten any of the remaining teams on their schedule once this season.  (Incidentally, DC has never swept them under Olsen, as far as I can tell.)

D.C. United vs. Sporting Kansas City | MLS MatchCenter:  Matchcenter!  All your pre-match statistic are belong to us.

Rookie Rankings: Can DC United's Steve Birnbaum ride stellar play to late RotY push? |  Steve Birnbaum is gathering some late-season momentum for Rookie of the Year.  I can see it happening.  The man is...reliable.  And some say USMNT material.

Stars of women’s soccer not planning to boycott FIFA over World Cup field conditions | For The Win:  I dunno.  I'd start thinking about a boycott.  Rumors of a boycott.  Whispers of a boycott.  Something has got to get FIFA's attention.  Maybe just boycott the corporate sponsors?  I'll start with Labatt right now.

Soccer superpower signs 9-year-old sensation | New York Post:  There are videos embedded in this article which you should watch.  I would set the hot coffee aside when you do.

With USL Pro title in tow, ambitious Sacramento increases push for MLS expansion |  Sacramento is going to get their MLS wish.  Mark my words.

The future of MLS | US Soccer Players:  The problem with NYRB?  They're out in the marshy suburbs of Joizey, beyond even Hoboken.  The brilliance of the Seattle Sounders?  They're downtown, synergizing with the gentrifying hipsters who dominate the stands with their all-weather scarves.  Location, location, location.

And for your Friday Freedom Kicks non-soccer related treat, here's why so many Russians have dashboard cameras.

Freedom Kick me down below.  But be gentle.