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Tuesday Freedom Kicks: D.C. United links for 14 January 2014

For those of you in the military or of a more European persuasion of date-writing, we've reached the first palindromic-ish date of the new year: 14/1/14. It doesn't really work, but it kind of does. And that's good enough for today.

Martin Rose

Happy Tuesday, boys & girls! We're two weeks into the new year, and if your resolutions aren't well and truly busted, then what's wrong with you? Here are your morning links.

A brief history of D.C. United and the #1 pick | The Washington Post
Steve Goff walks us through United's three previous experiences with the top overall pick in the MLS SuperDraft.

ESPN announces "30 for 30: Soccer Stories" film series to air during World Cup buildup |
You want more soccer documentaries, you got it. You want more American soccer in there... well, not so much.

There's No Need To Vilify Oscar Pareja | Burgundy Wave
One Rapids fan pleads for civility toward the now-former Colorado (now FC Dallas) coach.

Has the Camilo Situation Been Fixed? | Eighty Six Forever
"Fixed" here apparently means that Camilo gets to stay in Mexico with Queretaro (and keep his fatter contract down there) while the Whitecaps get a seven-figure transfer fee for the departed 2013 MLS Golden Boot winner.

Xavi-to-Red Bulls Rumors Heat Up | Once A Metro
I'm trying to think of a better player whose playing style lends itself less to MLS. Not finding one. Either way this goes, obviously, I'll be rooting for the Energy Drinks to flail and fail.

Lionel Messi dons Ron Burgundy-esque red suit for Ballon d’Or gala | ProSoccerTalk
Ooooh, shiny.

Be sure to get into the comments to share your thoughts on these stories and links to others that catch your eye today.