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Freedom Kicks: D.C. United links for May 20, 2013

Daily D.C. United links, today on the Sporting KC game, average Scottish footballers, better than average Colombian defenders and fun managers.


Happy Monday, ladies and gentlemen. We took a little break at the end of the last week after critters got into the server room and chewed up some stuff, but we're back. D.C. United didn't lose this weekend, which is super neat. Draws aren't great, but they're better than losses.

I know, that's the kind of hard-hitting analysis that keeps you coming back.

Highlights: D.C. United 1 - Sporting KC 1 | D.C. United

I haven't watched this yet, let me know if they include the disallowed goal for 'offside' that was at least three yards onside.

United ends losing streak | Washington Examiner

The first of three game recaps.

D.C. United ends losing streak with 1-1 draw against Sporting Kansas City | Washington Post


Luck, grit lead United to draw with Sporting KC | CSN Washington

Three. Also, lol at the use of GRIT. You don't get results by having good players or playing soccer well, you get it by having GRIT. And TOUGHNESS. And HEART.

Vancouver's Kenny Miller headed back to Scotland? | Pro Soccer Talk

It's insane how Portland has so many good draftees/academy players/under the radar signings, but just absolutely horrible DPs.

After stellar outing, New York Red Bulls defender Jamison Olave back to one of the best in MLS | Major League Soccer

I'd say bad news for us, but let's be real. We're not actually competing with the Red Bulls this season.

Walter Mazzarri leaves Napoli | SB Nation

And I has a sad.