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Freedom Kicks: D.C. United links for May 2, 2013

Daily D.C. United links, today with more 'guys, everything's okay!'


Happy Thursday, ladies and gentlemen. Today's edition of Freedom Kicks leads with more of what you've come to expect from D.C. United employees and their club website.

Previous matches provide building blocks | D.C. United

"With the right mentality and the right intensity, we can build." Mentality! Intensity! We're building! All we have to do is score goals and play good defense. It's really that simple, you guys.

Thursday kickaround | Washington Post

Toronto sports, ladies and gentlemen! Disappointing fans now and forever.

More than a poacher? Corey Hertzog gives Vancouver Whitecaps options after strong showing | Major League Soccer

Way to give him a chance, Red Bulls!

Alvaro Saborio's injury dents Real Salt Lake, Costa Rica | Pro Soccer Talk

I'd be pretty stunned if he wasn't fit to play for Costa Rica on June 7.

Jose Mourinho's tenure at Real Madrid has, overall, been a failure | ESPN FC

Gab with shots fired.

Los Rayados win third straight CCL title | SB Nation

This game was absolutely nuts.