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Freedom Kicks: D.C. United links for May 14, 2013

Daily D.C. United links, today on why we stink, Kyle Porter, Germany's B-team and the Rapids.

This is the only picture we have of Kyle Porter.
This is the only picture we have of Kyle Porter.
Rob Carr

Happy Tuesday, ladies and gentlemen. We play Sporting Kansas City this weekend, if you didn't know. So I'm sure we're totally about to turn this thing around. This game is a gimme. We got this.

Feature: Kyle Porter | D.C. United

Confidence key in unlocking winger's potential! That's it, guys. If Kyle Porter can just get more confident, D.C. United has got this.

10 reasons why D.C. United stinks in 2013 | Washington Post

I actually haven't read this yet. I scheduled this post at night and plan on reading it on Tuesday morning. I'm sure it'll be enlightening.

Colorado Rapids: the MLS team we aren't talking enough about | Pro Soccer Talk

I tweeted something to this effect this weekend and I'm glad Steve wrote it. This team is a lot of fun.

FC Dallas closing in on new sponsor to take over stadium naming rights | Major League Soccer

Get money, y'all.

Jogi Low bringing C-team for U.S. Soccer's 100th anniversary | Stars and Stripes FC

So this means the USMNT is going to win 5-0, RIGHT?!

Everyone jump on board the theoretical managerial carousel | SB Nation

It's going to be a fun summer, y'all.