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Freedom Kicks: D.C. United links for April 30, 2013

Daily D.C. United links, today on the lack of firings, Ethan White, whiny MLS fans and POWER RANKINGS.


Are the people pictured above putting out the fire on the Columbus Crew's scoreboard or spraying water at people who want Ben Olsen fired? I'm not entirely sure.

I wasn't here yesterday because I slept for a couple days after covering the NFL Draft, which you should never do. On to the links.

Spotlight: Ethan White | D.C. United

Oh my god, the sub-headline. The team's 'this isn't actually horrible' propaganda is like 2007 MLS. As is everything else about the team.

Few minutes with United's Jason Levien | Washington Post

No one's getting canned yet.

Wait a minute! Didn't Robbie Rogers already break this professional sports gay barrier? | Pro Soccer Talk

Instead of celebrating that an NBA player had the guts to come out yesterday, a lot of soccer fans and writers spent the day throwing a fit about MLS not being considered 'major' because Collins was called the first 'major' team sports athlete in the United States to come out. Hey, geniuses: Rogers was two years removed from MLS when he came out and announced when he came out that he was going to put his playing career on hold. He was neither in MLS or an active soccer player at the time of his coming out. Jason Collins played in the NBA this season and wants to play next season. Rogers is no different than David Testo, Wade Davis or John Ameachi.

MLS Power Rankings Week 9: Portland Timbers just keep climbing higher & higher | Major League Soccer

Portland still doesn't have the roster to hang like this, but their core players and coach are great.

Real Madrid vs. Borussia Dortmund tactical preview | SB Nation

Yep, there's a game today. They didn't just call it off after last week's whooping.