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MLS Week 8 Schedule, TV/streaming, predictions - get ready for midweek action

With 10 matches on tap, it's the biggest, most packed week of the MLS season so far. And we've got all the info you need to watch, along with predictions and snark on each and every one of them.

Ed Zurga

Week 7 wasn't kind to D.C. United - well, 2013 hasn't been kind to the Black-and-Red - but we soldier on in our staff predictions contest. Last week, ChestRockwell extended his lead ever so slightly, and Ben has a second consecutive week not being the low scorer of the round! Here's the board.

Week 7 Scores (possible 9): Adam: 3 point | Chest: 4 pts | Benuski: 3 pts | Stephen: 2 pts

Total Scores (possible 58): Adam: 21 pts | Chest: 25 pts | Benuski: 19 pts | Stephen: 22 pts

Onto Week 8!

Wed. Apr. 17, 7:30 pm: New York Red Bulls vs. Sporting Kansas City - MLS Live
Adam: Draw. Chest: SKC. Benuski: Draw. Stephen: Draw.

NYRB's team of octogenarians isn't built to play on short rest against an athletic team like Sporting. -Chest

Sat. Apr. 20, 4 pm: Toronto FC vs. Houston Dynamo - MLS Live
Adam: HOU. Chest: Draw. Benuski: Draw. Stephen: Draw.

Not so big and bad outside of your LETTER stadium, are you?! -Ben

Sat. Apr. 20, 6 pm: Colorado Rapids vs. Seattle Sounders - MLS Live
Adam: COL. Chest: Draw. Benuski: COL. Stephen: COL.

Now that the Rapids have us picking them in most of their home games and the Sounders have us picking against them in most of their anywhere games, watch this one turn into a 5-0 Seattle rout. I don't think my self image as a prognosticator and a D.C. fan could take it. -Adam

Sat. Apr. 20, 7 pm: New York Red Bulls vs. New England Revolution - MLS Live
Adam: NY. Chest: Draw. Benuski: Draw. Stephen: NY.

The Revs have only given up 2 goals in 5 games, but they've only scored 1. The Red Bulls have a great chance to keep their resurgence on track. -Stephen

Sat. Apr. 20, 8:30 pm: FC Dallas vs. Vancouver Whitecaps - MLS Live
Adam: FCD. Chest: Draw. Benuski: FCD. Stephen: FCD.

Is it strange to anyone else that the library that is FC Dallas Stadium is where a player's own fans hit him with a bottle? Seems more likely that John would have been hit with a strong wave of ennui. -Chest

Sat. Apr. 20, 8:30 pm: Chicago Fire vs. Columbus Crew - MLS Live
Adam: Draw. Chest: CHI. Benuski: CLB. Stephen: Draw.

I'm not really sure why, but I feel like this will be the bizarre game of the week. Oduro red card? Maybe for a scuffle with Dilly Duka? Entertain me, you jerks! -Chest

Sat. Apr. 20, 9 pm: Real Salt Lake vs. Chivas USA - MLS Live
Adam: RSL. Chest: RSL. Benuski: Draw. Stephen: RSL.

Last week, all four of us picked Chivas USA to win at home. Oops. This week, we're all picking them to lose on the road. Which means they'll come out flying (because Chelis clearly reads this site and uses us as bulletin board material, or something). Help us, Javier Morales; you're our only hope. -Adam

Sat. Apr. 20, 10:30 pm: LA Galaxy vs. Sporting Kansas City - NBC Sports Network
Adam: LAG. Chest: LAG. Benuski: Draw. Stephen: LAG.

Sporting completes its 3-day, bi-coastal tour with a stop in Carson. If jet lag doesn't get to them, Keane and Donovan will. -Stephen

Sun. Apr. 21, 5 pm: D.C. United vs. Philadelphia Union - ESPN2
Adam: Draw. Chest: DCU. Benuski: DCU. Stephen: DCU.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. -Ben

Sun. Apr. 21, 11 pm: San Jose Earthquaks vs. Portland Timbers - UniMas
Adam: SJ. Chest: SJ. Benuski: POR. Stephen: SJ.

Could have sworn I made this same prediction in this very same matchup last week. I got it wrong then, but this one is at Buck Shaw, so I'll give it another go. -Adam

* * *

Did you fare better than us last week? Think you can beat our picks on the biggest slate of games so far this season? Let us know your take in the comments.