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Freedom Kicks: D.C. United links for April 11, 2013

Daily Freedom Kicks, today a bit light on the actual D.C. United stuff.

Mike Stobe

As I have to point out occasionally, we put out at least half of the D.C. United-related content on the internet. The only bit of United stuff out there yesterday was Steve Goff passing along the news that Dwayne De Rosario is likely to play this weekend, which we expected to be a thing. Because of that, today's edition Freedom Kicks is about other random things.

Trailer from Bob Bradley documentary | Washington Post

The other thing Goff posted yesterday, which is worth checking out.

Bale vs Suarez vs Van Persie | Pro Soccer Talk

I actually think it's wrong to omit Juan Mata from this exclusive group.

Brazil to miss FIFA deadline for World Cup stadiums | Reuters

This is my surprised face ----> :o

AM's Early Week 33 Team | Never Manage Alone

For the fantasy EPL players in the house.

Monterrey vs. LA Galaxy: Rayados to play for 3rd straight Champions League title | SB Nation

No, we don't need to blow up the league and raise the salary cap because Monterrey is awesome.

Thierry Henry could be back in starting lineup when New York Red Bulls face DC United | Major League Soccer

In case you hadn't seen the news from the other side.