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Freedom Kicks: D.C. United links for April 1, 2013

A new way to start your mornings: With freedom.


Happy Monday, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Kevin McCauley from the soccer mothership, Cartilage Free Captain and Stars and Stripes FC. I also live in the District and support D.C. United, so I figured I'd contribute around here as well. This is the first edition of Freedom Kicks, which will run every morning, Monday through Friday. We'll provide some morning reading and give you a place to talk about whatever off-topic stuff you want to talk about.

Today's initial edition of Freedom Kicks is obviously light on D.C. United-specific stuff because of the lack of a game this weekend, but this will probably be slightly less of a grab bag in the future.

A weekend off | D.C. United official site

How big is John Thorrington's house?

Americans abroad weekend roundup | Washington Post

What's your favorite thing about America? My favorite thing about America is America.

Dynamo match league record; win over San Jose is 34th consecutive home match without loss | Pro Soccer Talk

One more and they'll break RSL's record. An absolutely insane streak.

For Seattle Sounders, "There's got to be a lot of soul-searching" after latest loss | Major League Soccer

Maybe, if they search their souls enough, they'll discover that Sigi Schmidt has a thing for casting off talented players and ruining the fantastic team that his front office built.

VIDEO: Thierry Henry scores game-winner for Red Bulls | SB Nation

I know it's the Metros, but DUDE.

Miliband Quits Over Di Canio Appointment | Roker Report

If you didn't know, Paolo Di Canio is a fascist. Like, he openly supports fascism. This isn't going over very well with left-wing Sunderland supporters, most of all now-former board member David Miliband .