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MLS Power Ranking - Week 4: Montreal Impact on top, Chicago Fire on the bottom, and a jumbled up mess in between

Here's your chance to vote in the Black & Red United weekly interactive MLS Power Poll, the internet's only crowd-sourced MLS power ranking. This week, the only requirements are to rank Montreal first and Chicago last, and eve that's negotiable!


Remember back in Week 1 when Chivas USA was the obvious pick for the last spot in our power ranking? And then, the next week, when FC Dallas lost to the Goats, they were the obvious pick? Fast forward - all of two weeks - and they're the top two teams in the Western Conference standings. Who'da thunk?

Here's how you vote in our power poll: Just rearrange the order of the teams in the widget below and click "VOTE" - Ranking all the teams would be great, but even if you don't rank all 19 teams, and the cloudbrain will assign a lower constant to the teams you don't include. So be heard! Vote! We're trying to tap into the wisdom of the crowd here, so the more people vote in our poll, the closer to Truth we'll get! Or something!

As for my ballot, as you might have guessed, both FC Dallas and Chivas USA jump up quite a bit, and D.C. United fall a little way after ending their year-long home unbeaten run. Mostly, though, the only teams that have definitively staked out any claim on anything are Montreal at the head of the class and Chicago in the cellar. A few other teams have looked good or bad, but nobody else has done anything to stand out from the pack for better or worse. Without further ado:

  1. Montreal Impact - still perfect
  2. LA Galaxy - improved finishing could see them atop the standings sooner than later
  3. Houston Dynamo - last week in Dallas could have been a fluke...
  4. FC Dallas - ... or maybe losing to Dallas isn't so bad, after all
  5. Vancouver Whitecaps - no shame losing in Houston
  6. San Jose Earthquakes - just keep finding ways to win, lots of goals or clean sheets can both work
  7. Columbus Crew - did what nobody has done in over a year, winning at D.C.
  8. Seattle Sounders - the Quakes have their number in NorCal
  9. D.C. United - better in attack, but still need to improve possession
  10. Chivas USA - mark it down: this is the week I have the Goats in the top half
  11. Sporting Kansas City - that gloating you hear is ChestRockwell saying "called it"
  12. New York Red Bulls - the power of the cardigan-vest was not enough for Mike Petke's team in Montreal
  13. Philadelphia Union - a chance to keep New York winless is looming
  14. Real Salt Lake - the promise is there, but RSL's young makeover still needs some time in the oven
  15. Colorado Rapids - hot and cold
  16. Portland Timbers - see Real Salt Lake
  17. New England Revolution - managed an unimpressive, listless home draw with the shorthanded Sporks
  18. Toronto FC - hey, they aren't last!
  19. Chicago Fire - on track for the worst goal differential in league history with 1 goal for and 9 against through 4 games

Your turn. Let's hear it in the comments.