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Watch Don Garber's "March to Soccer" Address here and partake in our live SpeechThread!

Tom Shaw

MLS Commissioner Don Garber is about to begin his first ever March to Soccer address in a Google+ Hangout, which we've embedded above. Join us, won't you, as we ... I'm not sure, really. It's essentially a State of the League speech, with questions from nine reporters who are also on the Hangout.

This is actually kind of a cool development, because in past years, this State of the League address has been given via teleconference. Now it's being live streamed and archived on YouTube for all to watch, anytime.

You have to think that expansion will be a big topic, with the New York Cosmos making pretty stadium renderings every other week and Orlando City FC courting Brazilian millionaire investors and pushing a stadium of their own. The new "mass confrontation" rule I also expect to be discussed. What else do you want to see the Don cover in his speech tonight.

This is your place for all pre-speech (a bit late for that - sorry, folks), in-speech and post-speech discussion.

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