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Friday Freedom Kicks

DCU's schedule is out. Plus, news and rumors with David Beckham, Fred, Frank Lampard, and even LeBron James.

The return of Fred?
The return of Fred?
Victor Decolongon

And now... your Friday edition of Freedom Kicks.

Schedule | D.C. United

The schedule has been unveiled! D.C. United will host Columbus Crew on March 8th at RFK. Yesterday, our Ben Bromley took a stab at who will start on opening night at RFK for the Black and Red.

D.C. councilmembers balk at tax kickbacks for United stadium | Field of Schemes

Money, stadiums, and politics. Blah, blah, blah. Some council members aren't happy with Mayor Gray's details of the new stadium project.

Chelsea trio face the axe by ESPN staff - ESPN FC

This Frank Lampard-to-MLS rumor is becoming a yearly thing now. This time though, he's bringing Ashley Cole with him, apparently. Will we see both of them (or even one of them) in MLS next season? Probably not.

MLS Transfers Blog: Interview: Ex-DC and Philly forward Fred open to MLS Return

MLS Transfers Blog sat down with former DCU and Philadelphia Union player, Fred. In the interview he seemed open to a return to MLS saying, " "I'm looking anywhere, but I will be happy if I can play here (USA) for another team in MLS."

Fred went on to say that it would be "good" to play for one of the two clubs he used to play for in MLS. Is the return of Fred a real thing?

David Beckham And LeBron James Ownership Could Fuel MLS's Next TV Deal - Forbes

Mike Ozanian of Forbes thinks that David Beckham and LeBron James involvement in MLS could have a serious impact on the league's next TV deal.

That's all for Freedom Kicks today. Use the comment section as your open thread for all soccer, MLS, and DCU related topics.