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In which we partake in the wackiness that is Cyber Monday

Want to buy a shirt from the (small but growing!) B&RU store and/or another SBN store? We've got a code that will get you 15% off today only.

Celebrating t-shirts! Woo t-shirts!
Celebrating t-shirts! Woo t-shirts!
Gene Sweeney Jr.

SB Nation, through our retail partners over at Gameday Depot, are getting in on the madness of Cyber Monday, and B&RU is joining in on the fun, too. Today only, enter code SBNCYBER15 at checkout, and you'll get 15% off all SB Nation merchandise that they carry. Any t-shirts with blog logos or created by bloggers (like our "How many trophies have you won?" shirt) are included. If you want a Sounder at Heart t-shirt (for some reason) or if you want to wear an inside joke about Minnesota Gopher football, we've got you covered - just so long as there's a connection to SB Nation, you'll get the discount.

So go forth to the B&RU section at Gameday Depot and buy stuff! Because 'murkah!