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Freedom Kicks: D.C. United links for December 18, 2013

Your morning links for Tuesday, the day after D.C. United signed Eddie Johnson. Guys, D.C. United signed Eddie Johnson!


This is turning out to be a pretty decent offseason, huh? If you're waking up from an 18-hour nap, Eddie Johnson now plays for D.C. United, but this post will be light on EJ stuff. We'll have a reaction roundup about his acquisition a bit later in the morning. For now, news and stuff!

Armchair Analyst: Reason to think that DC United's offseason plan is working | Major League Soccer

Some people are concerned about the character of the best player on the market in MLS. What do you do? Acquire him anyway and supplement him with character guys, of course.

Onolfo not going to Chivas | Jeff Carlisle (Twitter)

And that saga is over.

Seattle Sounders GM: Clint Dempsey ‘likely' headed out on loan | SI's Planet Futbol

We've heard rumors that Dempsey's move to Fulham is all but done, but Adrian Hanauer isn't giving anything away yet.

Qatar Chronicles: Part II, buying a masterpiece | SB Nation

The second of what will be five posts in this series about the host of the 2022 World Cup.

A Gentlemen's Discussion of the Potential of Player Dilution | The Bent Musket

I generally agree with this, especially since a lot of guys who are signing as homegrown players without going to college would have gone to college a few years ago. Their spots are being taken by guys who would have been backups or gone to smaller schools and not had the opportunity to develop into pros. With more spots open at the top schools, we're seeing those guys turn into decent pros when they might not have five years ago.

MLS Re-Entry Draft: Chris Rolfe and Logan Pause Opt Out Of Stage 2 | Hot Time in Old Town

Aww. I was hoping we'd pick up Rolfe to rotate with Patrick Mullins in the second striker role behind GAM.

Poll: Should the Caps Bring Back DeMerit? | 86 Forever