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Freedom Kicks: D.C. United links for December 17, 2013

Our morning link roundup is back starting today, with a rotating cast of writers ready to bring you what lies beyond the walls of our little corner of paradise here at B&RU.

Ned Dishman

Welcome back to Freedom Kicks, our attempt to acknowledge that there is more to the internet than what we write here at Black and Red United. Now, there isn't always enough D.C. United-related content to fill this space, so we're branching out to bring you whatever catches our eye. Feel free to treat these posts as open threads for each day. Good? Let's get to it.

Curt Onalfo the leading candidate for Chivas USA head coach | The Goat Parade

Don't do it, Chivas! I know you're a raging dumpster fire of an organization, but you've made such good progress this offseason with trades for Mauro Rosales and Andrew Jean-Baptiste. Don't throw it all away by hiring the man who orchestrated The Year That Must Not Be Named (ver. 1)!! ... Actually, screw it. Just hire him. For the lulz. We all need more lulz - especially if they distract from United.

Life without Kreis: RSL's first player and the club he defined | RSL Soapbox

Absolutely go check out this longform piece from our buddy Matt Montgomery. Really good stuff, and gorgeous to look at. (The article, that is, not Kreis. Though fair play if you happen to have the hots for the new head coach of the worst-named team in MLS. Yes, NYCFC is worse than Real Salt Lake. Jason Kreis sure can pick them. I digress.)

Where could Bob Bradley end up? | ProSoccerTalk

Keeping it on the coaching carousel for one more round. Former D.C. United assistant and one-time cheater Bob Bradley (That's what I remember him for, anyway) is looking for work after his contract with the Egyptian national team expired. Steve Davis looks around and wonders if there are any spots in England where he could land.

Rejoice! Roy Miller remains a Red Bull! |

When the Metros absolutely need somebody to do a James Riley impression, he'll be there. When there is a vital, potentially season-saving free kick opportunity to spurn, he'll be there. He is the fly in the ointment, the Achilles heel in Red Bull Arena. And he is forever Metro.

MLS Media Availability Price Sheet | OWFSS

With MLS' Twitter account openly musing about charging press for access, our friends at Open Wide for Some Soccer did some digging and found something much more nefarious...

UEFA Champions League draw 2013 |

Then there's this, which is a pretty big deal. A couple of England's big boys were drawn against super-tough competition in the UCL. It's not really MLS-related, but here you go if you're into that sort of thing.

Finally, we'll keep our eyes peeled for the full report to drop, but DCist's intrepid reporter Pablo Maurer has been shaking the trees and ferreting out sources and whatever else intrepid reporters do to get quotes about impending stadium construction projects. Here are some tweets he sent out yesterday:

Of course, there were a lot of tweets flying around last night about another D.C. United story - we'll say the subject rhymes with Schmeddie Tronson - and we'll be running full posts on that when something is finalized. To tide you over till then, here's some of Goff's cooking.