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Fantasy Focus: The Curtain Falls

Diego Valeri reappears, and we celebrate our prize winners

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The regular season is over, and so is our league. We've got winners to announce and prizes to hand out, but first we acknowledge Femme Fatale FC, who led the round with 95 points. Diego Valeri (POR) wore the armband and scored 30 points with 2 goals and an assist, with an unfortunate halftime substitution. Also featured were Camilo (VAN) with a hat trick and 15 points of his own, and Rodney Wallace (POR) with a goal, a clean sheet, and 12 points.

Now to the biggest winners:

Finishing 3rd, with 2,388 points, was supersonics, owned by Eric Freeman, who takes home a free subscription to MLS Live in 2014.

Finishing 2nd, with 2,406 points, was SGV Galaxy, owned by Michael Weller, who led for a good portion of the year but could not muster a comeback to catch the overall winner. Mr. Weller also takes home a free subscription to MLS Live in 2014.

Our winner, with 2,422 points, was cvIMPACT, owned by CJ Verbeck, who recently retook the lead and held on down the stretch. cvIMPACT finished the season with a roster worth $109.2M and had $2.1 in the bank. Mr. Verbeck takes home a $100 credit at, which will presumably be used to buy many Seattle Sounders things.

Editor's Note: Congratulations to our winners! Please email us at with your contact information, and we'll get you sorted with your prizes.

Overall Positional Leaders


With 178 points, Tally Hall (HOU, $6.0M) led all goalkeepers, just one point ahead of Luis Robles (NY, $5.8M) with 177 points in second. Zac MacMath (PHI, $5.3M) finished third with 167 points, while proving, along with Robles, that you don't have to be a good goalkeeper to be a good fantasy player.


Jose Goncalves (NE, $6.6M) scored 179 points and led all defenders. Aurelien Collin (SKC, $6.9M) finished just behind him with 171 points in second, and just ahead of Rodney Wallace (POR, $5.7M) and his 166 points.


Mike Magee (CHI, $10.3M) led all midfielders and all players with 202 points, well ahead of second placed Graham Zusi (SKC, $9.6M) and Javier Morales (RSL, $9.2) with 171 and 169 points respectively.


Columbus' Federico Higuain ($9.5M) scored 188 points to lead all forwards, chased closely by Camilo (VAN, $8.9M) with 184 points and Robbie Keane (LA, $11.1M) with 176 points.

I would have added a D.C. United section here, but Fantasy MLS took them (and all other non-playoff teams) out of the listings, so I would have had to scroll through each position to find the DCU players, and who has time to click through a bunch of screens to get to the least prolific scorers? The team's made all of us suffer enough already.

So that's it for 2013 and the Fantasy Focus. Thanks for playing, thanks for reading, and for the love of all things holy, let anyone but the Metros win MLS Cup.