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Tour of D.C. United's Proposed Buzzard Point Stadium: Navy Yard Metro to Stadium Site

Part 1 of our photo tour of Buzzard Point.

For this gallery, we started at the Navy Yard-Ballpark Metro Station. The gallery shows the route from this station down to the intersection of Potomac Ave SW and First St SW, where the new D.C. United stadium would be located. Since it is believed that D.C. United will likely use the parking garages at Nationals Park due to the lack of parking on Buzzard Point, this gallery also shows the route fans who drive and park at the ball field will use as well. As you can see in the gallery, the walk around Nationals Park is very easy with wide sidewalks that will be able to accommodate thousands of fans. Once you cross South Capitol St, however, you enter an area that is completely unprepared for individual pedestrians, let alone thousands upon thousands of energized United fans. And make no mistake, how thousands of fans will cross South Capitol St will be another HUGE issue.