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Filibuster Podcast: Rewatching D.C. United's first championship, the 1996 MLS Cup Final

A few of us got together just after the New Year to watch some old DCU matches and have a few drinks. Here's what happened.

One of the great things about D.C. United is the club's history - the original dynasty, 12 domestic and international major trophies, etc., etc. - but a lot of us (myself included) weren't followers of the Black-and-Red from Day 1. We are generally very jealous of those who were around at the beginning, and to narrow the gap a tiny little bit, we've got this week's episode of Filibuster, the Black & Red United podcast.

I got together with Jason (ChestRockwell) and Ben (benuski) at my place in the District, and we watched us some old-fashioned MLS soccer. Like 1996 old fashioned. The inaugural MLS Cup Final, in fact. And we recorded all of it, polished it up, and now it's available for you to listen to our antics. Since we didn't just want to reinvent the wheel and call the game TV-style, it's more a recording of us watching the game and having a conversation squarely based in 2013.

We think you'll like it a lot, so give it a listen. If you're so inclined, we also encourage you to head over to Kick TV - whose YouTube channel we used to watch the game - and watch the game while you listen to the podcast. Multimedia entertainment at its finest! You can watch the game in the embedded YouTube player below, or you can click over to their site.

As always, we want to thank you all for listening and encourage you to get in touch in the comments or on Twitter, @FilibusterDCU, or by emailing us at filibusterpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Our theme song is Pocket by Beau Finley, used with permission.