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MLS SuperDraft 2013: B&RU Live GameThread. Draft-Thread? GameThread.

This is your spot for all pre-draft, in-draft and post-draft discussion.

Ed Zurga

Draft day is finally upon us. We may not know whether D.C. United's 2013 first team roster will include names like Andy Najar or Raphael Augusto or Hamdi Salihi, but in just a few short hours, we will know who our next Rookie of the Year candidate could be, joining the ranks of recent draftees Nick DeLeon, Perry Kitchen and Chris Pontius. Festivities kick off in Indianapolis at noon eastern time, and United will have but one pick, the 17th selection in the first round.

B&RU and SB Nation have you covered for All Things SuperDraft. In fact, you can watch the live video stream of the SuperDraft over at SB Nation. But we've got a lot more than that going here. Check out our own ChestRockwell's three-part feature on who D.C. United could and should take with that 17th selection. Chest also flew the B&RU mantle at the annual SB Nation mock SuperDraft (click through to see who we "picked"). If you're looking for a wider range of perspectives and teams, SB Nation has a supergroup compiling some of the best writing on the network covering this year's event and the players available.

Draft Time: Noon (EST)

Location: Indianapolis

TV: None, but video will be streamed in various places online, including SB Nation.

Prediction: There will be picks; there will be trades. Scarves will be worn by young men and the old men who will be telling them what to do going forward. Andrew Farrell will go first overall to the New England Revolution, and Carlos Alvarez will go to Chivas USA at #2. After that, it's anybody's guess. I'll make a longer-term prediction and guess that the newest man to wear Black-and-Red will outperform a significant number of the players taken before him. Because that's how we do things around here.

What Are You Drinking?: I can feel a cold coming on, and it's the middle of a weekday, so I'll probably be sticking with orange juice. Remember: this is a judgment-free zone whatever you happen to find yourself drinking.