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Black And Red United Through Individuality

When SB Nation decided to embark on the largest and most ambitious redesign in company history, a name was needed. This project was just too important to go on with no brand name of its own.

Eventually, the correct name became obvious. The project is intended to bring together this massive network of online content that includes team blogs, regional blogs, league blogs, and a huge expansive home page. The project is also intended to be freakin awesome. So why not name it after the most freakin awesome team in Major League Soccer?

We're announcing today the evolution of this network. The evolution goes by the name of SB Nation United, and its worthy of its namesake. If SB Nation United was a soccer team, it would probably have 12 major trophies by now.

In the next month, you'll see some pretty significant changes to this blog, along with all the other great blogs that you hopefully follow across all of SB Nation. The first change is below. We've got a new logo, meant to maintain our unique colors and theme, yet also to more easily identify us as part of SBN. Because we're proud to be a part of it. The "Pro Quality, Fan Perspective" tagline is one that we all take seriously, and now the new "United Through Individuality" theme will become even more apparent.


Much more to come.