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Lionard Pajoy will start on Sunday; cue the sturm und drang


I know you all don't like it. There have been opinions flying fast and furious over the past few days on the website; but I am here to tell you who I think Ben Olsen will decide to put on the field for the next game, against Chivas USA. And, given all of the evidence so far, he is going to put Lionard Pajoy on the field. And, while he decide to save Maicon Santos on Thursday, I think that he will get the start, like he did last Saturday, alongside our good friend Lionard. I know there has been vocal support for our wayward designated player, but I just don't see it happening at this point in the season.

There, I said it. I also think that, in his own way, he is trying to keep Branko Boskovic fresh for every game. Playing 55 to 60 minutes every game allows him to play every game when D.C. United have three games in eight days. Even though goals seem to come immediately after he gets taken off, I wouldn't mind seeing him for 75 minutes on Sunday, instead of his normal 55. For the rest of my predictions, find them hiding underneath.

While the last game was the 4-5-1, I predict the return to the double target forward setup that we saw against the New England Revolution. Lewis Neal will again be the first sub in, but I hope its for Pajoy rather than Branko Boskovic. However, I do like the additional midfielder, especially with Dwayne De Rosario out for the rest of the season. The attack comes from Chris Pontius, Nick DeLeon, Andy Najar, and the forwards.

I would like to give some special recognition to Chris Korb; he is much improved over the beginning of the year, and even more so over last year. I still wish that Daniel Woolard were back, but Korb has proved a good replacement. Regardless, with this lineup the subs will be Joe Willis, Hamdi Salihi, Raphael Augusto, Emiliano Dudar, Robbie Russell, Lewis Neal, and Long Tan. What do you all think we will see and what do you want to see?