D.C. United’s Branko Boskovic vents about being removed early in second half of MLS match


D.C. United midfielder Branko Boskovic expressed frustration about being taken out inside of sixty minutes during United's shaky win against the New England Revolution: 'The season is [almost] over and they say I am still not fit," Boskovic said. "What can I say? I feel good. Maybe I look like I am not ready, but that’s how I look, that’s how I play, that is my style, that is how I run. I can’t change how I am. It’s a little bit stupid to say I am not fit but the season is over. When am I going to be ready if I am not now ready? Maybe this league too strong for me, I don’t know.' Although the propensity might be to freak out and put too much stock into Branko calling Benny's decision stupid and throwing up his hands to say that he isn't strong enough for this league, personally, I think these sound more like comments of extreme frustration than anything serious. Branko went on: 'Asked if he was upset about being removed, Boskovic said: "Yes, of course, because everybody is upset when they go out or sit on the bench. I am not angry, I respect the decision, it’s good for us because the guy who comes in scores the goal, it’s beautiful, it’s good. But like I say, if I am not ready not, when am I going to be? Maybe if I have 90 minutes in two or three games, it will be better. Practice is one thing, but games are something different."' Honestly, I was standing on a platform yelling at the crowd for most of the time that Branko was on the pitch on Saturday night. Anybody care to weigh in on who was right, the Maestro or the General? Beyond who was right, I really can't see this doing anything but lighting a fire under Bosko to work even harder. He's said that he's staying here through any WC Qualifiers and wants to focus on taking this team all the way. I'm a Bosko-believer and love him for it, but obviously reasonable folks can disagree. Your thoughts?

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